A Heinous Crime

While the family innocently slumbered in their warm beds, unbeknownst to them all, a heinous crime was being committed during the twilight hours in another part of their dwellings.

Upon wakening in the early Saturday hours, the amazing Mom stumbled out of bed, rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she staggered out of her room…….and into a crime scene!!! Dun Dun Dunnnn……….

EEEK!! *faint* The Horror!!*sigh* When will the violence END?! *shudder*

Even though no body has been recovered as of yet, the ample signs of violence was all the proof the wonderful mom needed in order to realize that yes, a wrongful death has once again taken place. Never fear, as you read this, a search is on to locate the remains and lay them to rest.

In any case, due to the overwhelming evidence, four suspects are currently in custody. One even decided to independently admit herself to the clink, though I have a hunch she is not the mastermind behind this event of terror. Framed to take the fall. I am sure she is being used to throw me off the trail. Another victim, if you will. Oh, shredder of squeakies, whoever you are, you are good. But, not as good as me.

2014-10-11 06.54.54

I WILL find out who did this! No one dies in vain in my house! There will be JUSTICE!

WAIT! Hold the phone! Stop the presses! There has been a report of a sighting of the possible victim’s body. I am quickly heading over there now and……..


P.E.T.R.A!!!! (said with pure disdain)! I should have known it was YOUUUUU! The guilty always return to the scene of the crime and this time, you even brought the souvenir. The body. Case solved. Poor Mr. Blue Crab. You did not deserve such a torturous end.

Ohhhh Petra (sob, cry), I thought you were raised so much better than that (sniff).

Wait! OMG! Is that….could it be……..SAY IT ISN’T SOOOO!!! PETTRRAAAAA……..NNNOOOOOOOOOO!


Ohhhh, how could you?! It is not just one victim that fell upon your cruel and evil ways. During her feeble attempt to hide the limp remains of Mr. Crab, Petra was unaware that she ultimately revealed the true devastation. Sadly, horrifically, I am speechless *gasp* I have uncovered a mass murder. I better go. This crime scene needs to be taped off. Back-up is being called in. I cannot collect the evidence and secure this area alone. It will take hours to perform autopsies and see which parts belong with which innocent life lost. Wait! Maybe someone can still yet be saved?! Stand back, I am certified in BLS (bring life to stuffies)!

BTW- Incase you were wondering why the mom that is perfection was awake at such an early hour, she was making sure her son was up in time for his SATs. You will have to check out that post to learn more about that! https://didyouhearwhatjulessaid.wordpress.com/2014/10/10/sats/