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Help find a cure and provide mammogram screening

Come Walk With Me 2015

I have always supported the efforts of finding a cure for breast cancer, because I have known so many that courageously fought the battle. Sadly, not all of them won the fight. This year, not only am I raising money for research and promote early detection in honor of all those brave women, but it has also turned into a personal situation since I am now dealing with breast cancer. Please consider donating to help all those who have dealt with or currently dealing with breast cancer. Almost everyone knows at least one person who has/had breast cancer. Help find a cure. Help women to find the cancer early. Help those who cannot afford mammograms to be able to get it done. Help future generations survive breast cancer. Help end this horrible disease. Please donate. Thank you!!

There are 2 ways you can donate:
1. Online
2. Mail a check to:
Good Samaritan Foundation
PO Box 5296, Tacoma WA 98415-0296

Make checks made payable to “Good Samaritan Foundation/CWWM” and please include my name in the memo portion of the check. Julie Price

The importance of Mammograms

Long, but worth reading. Please……

I just wanted to remind all my female friends about the extreme importance of getting your yearly mammograms done on time, no excuses! Also, make sure your female friends, relatives and loved ones do not procrastinate! Or, you guys, if you think there is an issue with yourself, get it checked. Guys can get breast cancer too!

We all know they are important, you are probably even saying to yourself that this is not new information and who doesn’t know this already?! Society is practically beating us over the head with Breast Cancer awareness. That is true, but for good reason. This is a story that I learned recently regarding why I wanted to stress the importance of mammograms!

Every May, she always has her annual routine mammo done. Like clockwork, calls and schedules, takes a very short time out of her day and gets it over with. Mammos are simple to do, a minor annoyance for an extremely small amount of time in a busy day and life goes on for another year. No problem. Well, this year, even though she knows how important getting a mammogram done on time due to knowing so many women in her life that have had/do have breast cancer, she thought that it would be okay to put it off for maybe 6 months. Why not? No issues on past mammograms. No symptoms. Even though insurance covers the yearly check, she just did not feel like dealing with the appointment and drive. Decision was made, done deal. The next day, before she even realized what she was doing, the phone was in her hand and suddenly realized she had just scheduled her mammo for the following week. A call she will quickly realize was divine intervention, intuition, pure luck……who knows.

The next week came and she drove to her mammo. All went fine. In and out, on with her day. She would wait for the traditional letter in the mail saying all clear and see you next year. Little did she know, the letter would never arrive. Instead, the phone rang 2 days later early in the morning. The person on the other end was very nice while stating that there were some new issues and concerns on her mammogram that have never been present before on past images. They instructed her that she needed to come in the next day for additional 3D images and an ultrasound, which she did.

Upon arrival, they filled her in on the findings; a mass and also microcalcifications, both on the right side. The tech said that most of these issues are generally dismissed after the new images and ultrasound, so it would probably be ok. After all the tests were completed, the doctor entered the room and told the patient, these issues are not ruled out yet and 2 different types of biopsies would be needed, one week apart so there is time for recovery in between. The doctor did her best to reassure the woman that most biopsies will show that everything is ok and these are just changes that happen in life as we age.

The lady went on to have her first biopsy on the mass. She was scheduled to find out the results a few days later, but received a call the morning of the appointment from the Nurse Practitioner and said the biopsy revealed the mass to just be a complex cyst and she did not even need to come in today, but to just come back for the second biopsy at the end of the week. Yay! One down, one to go. No problem. The day of the second biopsy arrived, a Friday, and she went in to complete the awkward test. The doctor did his best to reassure her that chances are very good all will turn out to be okay since the majority of biopsies are negative. He took a good sample of the microcalcifications and said the come in the following Tuesday for the results.

Monday arrived and her phone rang in the morning. The center called, not the Nurse Practitioner, nicely asking if she would be able to come in that day, as soon as she could and discuss the results since they arrived in their office. She knew right away, this was not going to be like the last one. She told them she could be there in a couple of hours. They said no problem and would see her as soon as she could get there.

Upon arrival, she already knew her life was about to change before anyone even said a word. The NP did see her right away and informed her that her biopsy did reveal breast cancer. Luckily, at least according the biopsy, it is still early stages, but it does appear aggressive. The NP went on to tell her that she would need to see a surgeon next and is facing, at the minimum, a lumpectomy and radiation therapy, plus some meds that will need to be taken for 5 years following the treatment or perhaps even a mastectomy. Chemo may be a factor, but too early to know for sure at this point. This was her life now, at least temporarily.

Her new travels down the breast cancer road is just starting and many questions are still needing answers, but there is an initial plan in place and things are moving forward. Time will tell what happens next and what new information will be learned as tests continue to happen and some form of surgery to take place within the next few weeks. Even though initial signs show it was caught early, doctors made a point to warn her that status may change after the test results come back and pathology reports from surgery. Fingers crossed.

Just think, if she would have put off the routine May mammo for 6 months like she was originally going to do, I am sure this post would read much differently. Which is why, I must again, stress the importance of routine mammograms! If you notice an issue, men and women at any age, don’t dismiss it or think you could just wait until your next mammogram. It is not worth it. She did not even have symptoms and look what was secretly brewing inside. Don’t ignore a simple chance to possibly catch an issue early. A mammogram takes minutes to complete, they may be uncomfortable but definitely not painful, most insurances cover them 100% (even if they don’t, they are worth paying your cost once a year), there are programs that even offer them for free, some clinics schedule mammograms on the weekend. So, what is your excuse?

This story I shared is 100% factual. It is not hearsay, embellished, imagined, a fairytale, etc. How do I know this, you may ask? Because it is my story.

Mom who wants to help her son, Ryan, go to College

I am a Mom. I am a Mom that has three great, no….make that awesome kids! I am a Mom that always intended to help her children achieve their dreams as much as possible. I am just like many other Moms. Actually, I am not just like many other Moms. Let me tell you why….

Currently I am 45 years old and I hope to see 50, but there is not a guarantee. Reason being, almost two years ago, I was diagnosed with Corticobasal Ganglionic Degeneration. It is an uncommon degenerative neurological disorder that is not curable and most people live only 5-10 years from onset of symptoms. CBGD is not a fun disease and symptoms include numerous horrible things such as alien limb syndrome, dystonia, walking and balance difficulties, muscle pain, speech issues……and more.

Since I was 17, working has been my middle name. At times, I even worked 1 ½ jobs to make ends meet. College was important to me and I made sure to put myself through school. While I went to College full-time, I also worked full-time to help pay my tuition. I worked long hours and always gave 150%, until April of 2014. My doctors wanted me to stop working prior to then, but I wanted to work as long as possible especially since I knew my son, Ryan Price, was going to start College in August, 2015. At the time, sacrificing myself was worth it if it meant financially helping my family as long as possible. Ultimately, I worked myself way too hard and all I managed to do was speed up my illness and end up in the ER with my doctors, husband and kids telling me that I was decreasing my time with my family by pushing my body beyond breaking. I stopped working which was so hard to do and I still have trouble to this day with coming to terms of not being able to have a job and feel like I am contributing.

Enough about me. This fundraiser is for my son, Ryan, not myself. The reason I have told you about my situation is so you can better understand when I admit I have failed. Failed as a Mother. I know that many would tell me that is not the case since my kids are truly great, very compassionate, caring, smart and talented, especially Ryan. The reason I feel that I have failed, I cannot financially help him achieve his life’s ambition to attend College this Fall. Perhaps, my last big achievement. I did not want him to struggle and stress to find ways on how to pay for College or if he can even afford to go. I failed to make this simple and fun for him. I failed by making him not only wonder if he will ever go to the College of his dreams or at all, but also the unnerving question of how long I will be around for him. I have failed to be his safety net.

Ryan Price is graduating High School in June, 2015. There are so many great qualities that I could recite, like most Moms, but he really is a good kid. Don’t get me wrong, he is not perfect and I have the typical battles regarding cleaning his room and taking out the trash. Regardless, Ryan is a loving son, awesome big brother, loyal friend, smart, funny with his dry sense of humor and quick wit, compassionate with animals (especially dogs and has even volunteered with animal groups) and very talented when it comes to computers. In fact, he wants to attend College to become a computer programmer and he has already proven himself highly skilled and capable by taking courses over the past couple of years while doing very well academically with programming classes. He lives for computers. Programming is his passion and his ambition. It is his goal. His, as I say, “computer, math and science brain” just clicks with it all and coding completely makes sense to him while I go cross-eyed as he attempts to explain it to me even in the simplest of terms. Plus, let’s face it, his handwriting is atrocious, so he needs to work in computers.

Financially, our life has completely turned upside down. Don’t get me wrong, we are making ends meet, but no extras. We have cut every possible corner, save as we can and creatively as trimmed down our bills while supporting a family of 5. It is still nowhere near enough to send him to College. Since our income has been drastically cut due to my inability to work and continual medical expenses, I felt the need to start thinking outside the box in order to right my wrong. It is now time to swallow my pride and humbly admit we need help (and you have no idea how hard it is for me to ever ask for help, seriously) with finding ways to raise the funds Ryan needs in order to be able to fulfill his dreams of attending the College he so desperately wants to attend and has already been accepted to start this Fall. Above all, I want him to be able to enjoy it. I want it to be his safe haven where he can focus on the beginning of the rest of his life while having fun. My illness will eventually punish him enough by losing me, but he should not be punished in the meantime by not being able to go to the College that he has worked so hard the past few years to attend.

He has been trying to raise money already. Ryan has applied for many scholarships, but none have been granted. Because of our predicament, he is having trouble getting student loans and has been denied which has done nothing but increase the desperation. Unfortunately, Pell Grants are not an option for him and he was turned down. Options are dwindling quickly.

Ryan’s dream has now become my dream, for him to attend College and hopefully, I will be able to watch him graduate. Even if I am not able to see him graduate, it would make me so proud and rest peacefully to know he was well on the road to success and beginning the career he has fought for and more than deserves.

ALL funds will be strictly used for his College tuition, campus living expenses, books and school supplies. Every penny will be for College. The initial $35,000 is what he still needs for his first year in order to attend. Ultimately, he needs approximately $120,000 to complete his degree. Any amount will be very much appreciated and help a deserving young man smile a little bigger.

If you are willing to donate, please visit:

Thank you.

Vote For Petra

Please Vote for Petra to win as All The Best spokesdog! She is adorable, lovable and makes everyone happy who spends time with her and Petra is a 12th Pup all the way! Please click the link below and vote, I would really appreciate it. Feel free to share to increase her votes!! Thanks!