The Strange Ways of Providence In My Life by Krystyna Carmi

Picture yourself as a child, a young happy and innocent child, suddenly faced with you and your family’s world being completely turned upside down. Survival becomes struggle, right becomes wrong, food becomes obsolete, home becomes extinct, friend becomes enemy, and life becomes death. Now, still imagine yourself as a small youth and suddenly faced with your world being completely turned upside down, but alone. For Krystyna Carmi, she does not need to imagine, she just has to remember.

The Strange Ways of Providence In My Life by Krystyna Carmi is a memoire encapsulating her past events and laying a timeline from happiness to despair and back again. The author jumps around as she shares stories and personal moments from many times in her life. The ebook is written in a way that makes me feel as if Krystyna and I were having a personal conversation and she was verbally telling me about events that greatly impacted her life and created the woman she became to be.

Krystyna, her parents and sisters were once a happy, caring and close family in Obertyn before World War II struck. Once it did, their entire lives became unfathomable as they fought to stay alive and protect one another for as long as possible. Running from city to city, escaping from ghettos, death at every turn, hiding in safe houses, fleeing in the nighttime, scavenging for food and water. This became their life, temporarily yet seeming like an eternity. In the end, only Krystyna survives due to many miraculous circumstances that seemed controlled by a higher power.

The brave and heroic decisions that she had to face at an age where simple childhood drama such as school, friends and studies should have been her only worries, makes me sadden and baffled. My own children have moments that they feel are so powerful and life altering, such as doing poorly during a sporting event or whether they will be invited to a party, I cannot comprehend looking at them and wonder if they could ever make the same suffering choices Krystyna, at an even younger age than my kids, was daily faced for years. I truly hope I never have to find out that answer and pray that the world will learn at some point how precious life, ALL life is to everyone.

One of my favorite aspects of the book were the numerous photos that the author graciously shared, which were taken by her father who was a professional photographer, of her family spanning from childhood to current times. To be able to put faces with names of people once so happy with so much kindness to share just intensified the story as I attempted to imagine such a horrific ordeal and in doing so, made my heart break even more for her at all ages of her life. One can say that you feel terrible for what she went through as a child, but in all reality, her entire life is filled with the torturing images and recollections from those long years during World War II and beyond. I do not think anyone could possibly just “get over it,” and never be bothered with the memories of a shattered childhood while your family is ripped away during your impressionable youth.

Another precious and personal treasure that is shared by Krystyna are poems that she has written that try to capture her raw emotions and vivid memories of certain events. The poems allowed me to better understand a deeper connection to a moment that I could never fully imagine and yet in awe of someone who went on to live a happy and loving family life once again.

While telling stories from years ago, the author admits on a few occasions that there are gaps in her mental timeline and I feel it is a blessing that Krystyna has never been able to mentally relive some moments even if purely out of self-preservation. I feel such happiness for Krystyna seeing how she did overcome the traumatic younger years and was able to move forward in life which allowed her to find love and create a new family that she could call her own. She definitely deserves it and so much more.

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Florence (Florence Waverly Book 1) by Ciye Cho

Fantasy and fiction are two genres that help a reader to escape their reality and create a world that is new, adventurous and otherwise nonexistent. Like most people, I find it relaxing and intriguing to explore lives that come alive on paper and in my imagination.

One such tale is Florence (Florence Waverly Book 1) by Ciye Cho, a young adult fantasy romance ebook, that peaked my curiosity and transported me to a beautiful and vibrant underwater world of the Mer in Niemela.

Niemela is the land of the Mer, numerous underwater mammals, glowing coral, protective jellyfish and a life that humans can only mentally picture, but Ciye Cho provides such descriptive words that the reader is able to effortlessly picture the coral becoming vibrant with color, the tiny octopus that flutters about, whales that slowly swim past, the family conflict that engulfs the royal clan, all while Florence, the out of place human, desperately tries to figure out how she fits not only into her new life, but also everyone else’s presence.

Florence, a shy and awkward young girl is thrown from the ocean shore into a world of confusion as she is transported from a school field trip to suddenly breathing underwater while swimming with mermaids and mermen within Neimela. Even though she is able to communicate with the Mer, which does not increase her acceptance with the nonhumans, tensions rise while everyone tries to decide what to do with Florence and where she really belongs. All the while, Neimela is bracing for a powerful dilemma involving a tense change in rulers and the Darkness.

Follow the tale of Florence as she is forced to adapt to the ways of the numerous sea creatures while frantically trying to determine who she can trust and who she should fear.

I really enjoyed Florence. Thanks to the vivid skill and enlightened artistry of Ciye Cho, the story was intriguing and I became engrossed with Florence’s life and underwater existence amongst the Mer. The story kept my attention and peaked my curiosity regarding what and who would Florence chose to continue her life; Land or Sea? Prince Kiren or Prince Rolan? And who, if anyone, is it worth losing her soul? The possibilities are endless, but you will have to read to find out the answers.

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People Speak 3 by Chaim Walder

Some stories and lessons transcend time, races and religions to present mankind with valuable insight which is the case with People Speak 3 by Chaim Walder, a rabbi who has compiled many submitted tales by various people into a series of books.

The People Speak series are novels that are comprised of personal experiences that are shared with Rabbi Chaim Walder. The stories have been translated into numerous languages and also offers a glossary located in the back to explain some of the Hebrew, Yiddish and Aramaic terminology within the stories. Even with flipping to the glossary while reading about someone’s real life experience, the reader does not lose any timing or meaning. In fact, for myself, I looked at it as a chance to further the wisdom that I took from this literature.

I recently finished reading the touching ebook, People Speak 3. This is the second People Speak book that I have read (I also had the honor of reading People Speak 4) and I must say, that I was just as impressed and found the stories insightful and close to my heart.

People Speak 3 is comprised of 24 short and powerful stories that were submitted by big-hearted and caring individuals. The lessons range from light-hearted to thought provoking, forcing the reader to self-evaluate and take a glimpse inside of themselves. I have to commend those who are willing to swallow their pride and even publicly admit some decisions that were regretfully made by them or their loved ones.

How many times have you been faced with an awkward or painful situation? You are left wondering why and questioning each movement made, all phrases uttered and every nuance presented. Maybe the clues do not become clear until years later as to why you were dealt such a dilemma, but one thing is for certain, life is full of lessons if you are willing to learn and learn you will with People Speak 3.

While I may not be able to completely relate personally to all of the stories within People Speak 3, there are many that caused me to reminisce on past events in my life or reexamine situations I believed to have understood only to now have a more open mind and outlook. Even if the story was not something I could pair with an experience in my life, there was always a moral to ingest.

Chaim Walder does a wonderful job of collecting so many experiences that people are willing to share with others in hopes their events in life will be a lesson for us all. I must admit, I am rather envious of Chaim Walder and his task of reading so many heart-felt correspondences. If you are looking for an entertaining and enlightening read that reminds you miracles happen and to never underestimate a coincidence, I highly suggest you read People Speak 3.

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MouseStruck by Ita Stein Gvirtzman

MouseStruck by Ita Stein Gvirtzman is a powerful and transparent glimpse into the life and inner turmoil a woman named Ita Stein Gvirtzman faces in not only her personal battle against cancer, but her struggle to deal with her past as a vivisector.

Vivisection: the cutting of or operation on a living animal usually for physiological or pathological investigation; broadly: animal experimentation especially if considered to cause distress to the subject (Merriam-Webster Dictionary I must confess, I was not familiar with the term vivisector or vivisection. Honestly, I am grateful that I was previously oblivious to this definition. Mind you, I was not naïve regarding the practice of animal testing, I knew it was a real situation, but I never bothered (or just did not want to) learn the actual descriptive name.

Ita Stein Gvirtzman wrote this confessional, MouseStruck, regarding her life and process as a vivisector combined with her journey dealing with cancer. While receiving chemotherapy, Ita is faced with an epiphany of sorts and views herself as one of the many lab animals that faced her on the other side of the needle. Having a nurse inject a liquid into her veins that would cause her to vomit, lose her hair and feel pain, but never knowing how bad until it was too late, she could suddenly relate to the caged animals who always seemed to trust her as she poked and prodded them with dangerous materials. This dreamlike state forces her to make a very bold and life-changing decision; walk away. But, leaving the 13th floor was not enough to cleanse her soul and Ita devotes herself to finding answers, changing the norms and confessing her previous work in detail to anyone who would listen. There has to be a balance between finding cures and saving lives, for all living creatures, and Ita is determined to figure it out.

I do commend Ita Stein Gvirtzman for her bravery to not only walk out of the laboratory which contained the life she knew for 20 years and boldly step into a new role she created for herself through trial and error. Determined to go back to school, she creates a new self who is designed to protect the rights of animals in a logical and thought-provoking sense in order to achieve the most gain, yet find permanent solutions that benefit all sides of the spectrum. MouseStruck shares her conflicted journey with the reader.

Overall, I enjoyed the eBook, MouseStruck and could personally relate to some aspects, such as the tug-of-war one faces during a medical crisis; how much do you share with family and friends, how much do you just keep to yourself. Even though I have never been, and do not ever plan to be, a vivisector, I do have a deep love and compassion for animals and it pains me to see them needlessly suffer for our benefit (or especially lack of benefit). One other instance that I can understand is when you are faced with a life-changing event, your goals and beliefs suddenly change shape and meaning. It is as if someone has turned the kaleidoscope of life and the pattern is unlike one previously seen. Ita has allowed me to view a new colorful design.

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The Moon Was My Witness: The Jewish Boy Who Sabotaged the S.S. Commander’s Motorcycle by Abraham Levy

Abraham Levy was once a happy blue eyed child, spending time with his beloved family, running on the beaches of Tel-Aviv and creating hopes for his future. Life was good. In the late 1930’s, as he entered his pre-teen years, a time when you are expected to gradually begin evolving into becoming a responsible and productive adult, Abraham had an expedited crash course in the most horrific and haunting ways ever imaginable as he headed back to Poland with his cherished loved ones.

Everyone knows about the terrible crimes committed against the Jewish people during WWII. No need for me to describe those events in detail, especially when Abraham gives a first-hand account of the gruesome and heart wrenching scenes and episodes of inhumanity. Beatings, starvation, death and despair are counteracted by hope, bravery, courage and the fight to make his mother proud.

This heartbreaking story was written with the blood, sweat, tears and raw emotions of a young blue-eyed Holocaust Survivor as the scenes that are forever burned into his memory spill out onto paper years later. Abraham entered that horrid experience as a young boy and in a way, became frozen in time. Even as an elderly man in body, it is obvious he is still that young child in spirit, looking for a place to hide from the memories and pain inflicted physically and even worse, mentally, while longing for his mother’s warm embrace and to see his family’s faces one more time.

I am compelled to extend a huge thank you to Abraham Levy for his bravery, not only during those disgusting years of our history, but also the absolute courage it took to share his story with all of us. It is impossible for me to try and imagine what it must have been like. How could I? As tearfully descriptive as his real life events are revealed, there is just no way I could begin to picture going through something like that, let alone survive and move forward in life. If I try to envision my children being ripped from my arms, never knowing their fate, my brain slams the door, locks it and tosses the key to that image immediately. My mother passed in an extremely cruel manner from cancer and it was my duty (and honor) to be by her side every step of the way. It was the most difficult time of my life. But, to have lost her in the manner that Abraham had to endure? Again, my mind does not even know how to comprehend such a visualization and is left speechless. And those are just two situations out of so many Abraham was faced with over years of torture.

I am actually at a loss for words on how to describe how it makes me feel down to my core. I am not sure if such words even exist. Do not get me wrong or misinterpret, I am very grateful and truly honored that Abraham entrusted mankind to read his story. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to see a factual glimpse into the Holocaust and to learn about one boy’s determination and bravery.

Abraham, I know you made your mother proud.

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Mr. Sandman: A Novel by Lyle Howard

Mr. Sandman: A Novel by Lyle Howard involves a man named Lance Cutter’s thrilling and mysterious tale that envelops his entire life, starting all the way back to his birth. Not a normal birth mind you, then again, Lance is not a normal man, so it seems fitting.

The ebook begins as one tale, then quickly fans out to include numerous lives and interconnections which all come together in the end. The plot originates prior to Lance entering this world. It then takes on many side stories and you stop to wonder what the connection will be eventually. A playing accordion if you will, expanding and contracting. But the reader is always let in on the secrets as they unfold and everything becomes clear.

When hiding is longer an option and the facts end up being just a stone’s throw away for Lance, he is determined to cast the first rock towards his freedom on many levels; mentally, physically, privately and normalcy. Police, firemen, government secret agents, animal control, pets, Coast Guard, DNA and Doctors all play a role in Mr. Sandman as Lance struggles to not only stay alive, but to protect Julie and above all, find out the truth that has haunted him for almost 30 years.

I really enjoyed Mr. Sandman by Lyle Howard. The ebook was very exciting, full of twists-and-turns throughout the entire story. There are very few novels that keep me in suspense and unsure of what the next page holds, but Mr. Sandman definitely ranks among the others on a short list. I was continually surprised by events, the “who done its” and how will this play out. Mr. Sandman is a long ebook, but I read it in record time because I was driven to reveal the truths, just as much as Lance. From beginning to end, Mr. Sandman: A Novel is well worth the read.

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Idisina: The Black Rider by Daniela Giulia Traub and Ortal Maria Tiurin

Mystery, devious plots, love stories of gain and loss, battles, kidnapping, fantasy worlds and creatures. What do all of these items have in common? They are located in the land of Idisina and beyond. Idisina: The Black Rider by Daniela Giulia Traub and Ortal Maria Tiurin is a perfect fantasy tale for all types of readers.

While there are numerous characters held within the pages of Idisina, the foremost would be Daniel. Daniel is a young man who struggles with the life dealt, not by his family, but forced upon him by the ruling government who believe women should dominate and rule all aspects of society. The inner and outer battles that Daniel encounters, push and pull him further towards and away from his ultimate goal; overthrowing the royal family in order to bring about change for the common class.

As Daniel goes about his journey, there are also many major story lines woven throughout the ebook that involve others, such as the 2 Princesses of the Kingdom, Latifer and Latum, their mom Queen Latiner, Ariteu and Nathan who are both members of the court and turn the worlds of the Princesses upside down.

As if overthrowing the governmental system was not difficult enough, Daniel is continually faced with challenges and tests, battles and setbacks, forcing him to push further and at times question his mission. Needless to say, the characters do not make it any easier for him as their lives intersect.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the ebook, Idisina: The Black Rider. As the story advanced and the plot thickened, I found myself more and more invested into the lives of these strong and complex personalities. Just as Daniel, there were moments I was not sure whose side I was currently on as the pain of each person is revealed. This was one book I could not wait to finish to see how it all plays out in the end. Obviously, I will not give anything away, you will just have to read it for yourself to see.

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