Premium Bypass Pruning Shears by Davaon

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Around our house inside and out, it seems there is always something that needs to be cut or pruned, be it a small tree, plants, flowers, fruits or veggies, a good pair of pruning shears are a must!


Premium Bypass Pruning Shears by Davaon are one of the best pairs of shears I have ever used. Not only are they very easy to maneuver with the comfortable anti-slip handles with a wide rotating protection guard, but they also have some other qualities that I really like, such as the sharpness of the non-stick Teflon blades and the shears are lightweight with their aluminum body.


The rotating handle with protection guard works really well to keep my fingers and hands safe from thorns and scratchy branches which allows me to work at a better pace since I do not need to become creative regarding how to hold the shears while pruning and keeping myself safe. It is wide and covers my fingers well, but allows plenty of room for me to maneuver my hand and my fingers do not scrape on inside of the plastic guard.

Having anti-slip handles is another feature I really like. My grip has never slipped at all while using the shears. Plus, this also helps people of all hand size use these shears without difficulty. My hands are much smaller than my husband’s hands, but both of us are able to comfortably use the shears while taking care of the gardening needs.


These shears are super sharp (so be careful) and I love the fact I do not need to apply a lot of pressure while squeezing the handles together. Since the blades are made out of carbon steel and coated with non-stick Teflon, they cut clean, quickly and easily without having residue stuck afterwards to the blades. I have used them numerous times and so far the blades have not dulled at all and nothing has stuck to them.

The shears also have a lock on them which allows for 2 positions which is a nice feature. Davaon even emailed me a PDF with color photos demonstrating the locking mechanism which was very helpful. The first position allows for a smaller blade width for closer/smaller items being worked with and the second completely closes the pruning shears for safe storage. While fully open, the shears have a 20 mm cut capacity. Always remember though, these shears are extremely sharp so be very careful with them even if completely locked.


Overall, I have tried these awesome pruning shears on various bushes, plants, flowers and small trees. No matter what the item I was pruning, the shears worked great! No issues at all. Simple to use, rotating guard for your hand to protect against thorns and such, clean cuts, hardly any squeezing pressure required.

Davaon also offers wonderful customer service and stands behind their product with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #DavaonPruner

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Become a Free-From Agent for Enjoy Life foods

Great line of food for anyone who has food allergies or if someone in their family has them! I have used their products for years. Click below to check it out and become a Free-From Agent where you can learn more about their products and have chances to win prizes! Costs absolutely nothing to sign up.

Dry Dog Shampoo/Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo by Paw Choice

Let’s face it, dogs stink or at least get smelly often. With 3 big dogs, that is a lot of aroma and multiple dog baths required. When I was given a chance to try and make my life easier when it comes to my dogs, I was all for it!
Dry Dog Shampoo/Foaming Mousse Dog Shampoo by Paw Choice is an extremely simple and awesome smelling way to keep a dog clean and non-stinky. The formula is manufactured in the USA, mild and also able to use with sensitive skin.


The clear plastic 8 ounce bottle contains a soft pink liquid made with a natural coconut derived formula that foams when pumped out. The Dry Dog Shampoo container also has a plastic, well-fitting cap that is easily removed and snaps back on securely. The pump is simple to press down while controlling how much foam dispenses and does not require very much pressure.


This shampoo is very simple to use. Pump the foam directly onto your dog and rub it into the fur. That is it! Once the foam is rubbed in, you’re done. No water, rinsing or drying is required. In fact, I noticed the dogs dried very quickly. The foaming mousse does indeed foam up nicely and rubs into the dog’s fur quickly and efficiently.


I have used this Dry Dog Shampoo on my 3 dogs (2 greyhounds and 1 Irish Setter). None of the dogs minded the shampoo and I really like the scent. My dogs smelled great for a couple of days and then the Mango & Pomegranate aroma wore off, but the dogs did not have the nasty doggy odor. I really like this shampoo and it is the perfect addition to our household to keep the dogs cleaner and fresher between extensive baths, which they now do not need as often.

• Super quick and easy to use.
• Bottle seems to last a long time.
• Dried really fast.
• My dogs had no adverse reactions.
• A nice way to bathe dogs while traveling.
• No mess.
• Manufactured in the USA.
• Water is not required.
• Do not have to give my dogs a major bath as often.
• Made with natural ingredients.

• None that I noticed so far.

Paw Choice also offers wonderful customer service and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #PawChoice

Help find a cure and provide mammogram screening

Come Walk With Me 2015

I have always supported the efforts of finding a cure for breast cancer, because I have known so many that courageously fought the battle. Sadly, not all of them won the fight. This year, not only am I raising money for research and promote early detection in honor of all those brave women, but it has also turned into a personal situation since I am now dealing with breast cancer. Please consider donating to help all those who have dealt with or currently dealing with breast cancer. Almost everyone knows at least one person who has/had breast cancer. Help find a cure. Help women to find the cancer early. Help those who cannot afford mammograms to be able to get it done. Help future generations survive breast cancer. Help end this horrible disease. Please donate. Thank you!!

There are 2 ways you can donate:
1. Online
2. Mail a check to:
Good Samaritan Foundation
PO Box 5296, Tacoma WA 98415-0296

Make checks made payable to “Good Samaritan Foundation/CWWM” and please include my name in the memo portion of the check. Julie Price

I’m Your Favorite Child 13 Oz Funny Glass Coffee Mug by Got Me Tipsy

Recently, I had a great chance to try out the I’m Your Favorite Child 13 ounce Glass Coffee Mug by Got Me Tipsy. Such a fun mug! The design is humorous, mug is made very well, does great in the dishwasher, nice size especially for tea or coffee, fun to use and/or give as a gift. Perfect!

I am very happy with this glass mug by Got Me Tipsy. The saying it quite humorous with “I Love How We All Know That I’m Your Favorite Child” written in white lettering on both sides of the clear mug. My kids have had a laugh at the mug and like to joke around when I am using it regarding to whom the mug is referring.


The mug came in a sturdy white cardboard box which also makes it easy for wrapping if you are giving the mug as a gift. Upon opening, the mug’s design caught my attention right away with the clear glass, sturdy handle and easy to read white font.

I have used the mug for coffee and tea, and hot chocolate with no issues at all. The mug is sturdy, a nice weight without being too heavy, perfect 13 ounce size, the handle is comfortable to grip and the mug also washes up well in the dishwasher (I have washed it five times so far) and the print has not faded at all. It still looks like new!


This I’m Your Favorite Child Glass Mug makes a great gift to give or receive, especially if you have a fun sense of humor. My kids find it quite funny and joke about the saying whenever I use the mug. Definitely recommend!

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences.

Herbal Energy Tea by Total Tea #totaltea

I drink tea every day and really enjoy all types and flavors of tea. Tea has a lot of health benefits, but it is nice to find a tea that is blended in a way to boost energy and also contain plenty of antioxidants.


Herbal Energy Tea by Total Tea comes in a cardboard box containing 25 tea bags, individually wrapped in paper. This all natural blend of herbs and flavored tea is a 100% natural energy aid and does not contain gluten, artificial colors or preservatives.


Some of the ingredients include: Guayusa, Green Tea, Cinnamon Bark, Eleuthero Root, Ginseng Root, natural mix of Berry and Pomegranate flavors. This tea does contain caffeine. These ingredients are designed to improve your energy levels, aid in weight loss, increase metabolism, supply a nice dose of antioxidants, reduce stress levels and sharpen mental focus.


Directions are simple, just steep the tea bag in a mug of hot water for 4-6 minutes and stir occasionally. That is it. You also have to option to make it as an ice tea, but I prefer hot so that is how I always prepared it.

I drank the tea each day and finished off the entire box. The directions do suggest drinking 1-3 cups per day. I drank this tea as I usually do as all of my teas and that is use the same tea bag for the day and just refill my cup with hot water as needed and my results are based on that form of consumption. While Total Tea does state that their Herbal Energy Tea can be drank either hot or cold, I am not a cold/ice tea kinda person so I just drank it hot/very warm.


I liked the flavor of this tea, a cross of fruity and herbal blend. It was pleasant and not overpowering. I did not notice any ill effects from the tea and no jittery feelings with the caffeine dose. While I did not notice any changes with my weight or appetite (not dieting though at the moment either), I did notice a nice boost to my energy levels without the feeling of bouncing off the walls.

• Pleasant fruity herbal taste without being bitter or too strong.
• Helps me with increasing my energy levels
• 100% natural with no colors, flavors or preservatives.
• Only 10 calories per serving.
• Can be made as hot or cold tea.
• Very easy and quick to make a cup of tea.

• It seems a little pricey, but I did notice some energy level benefits, so that helps to balance the overall cost.

Overall, I like the tea and enjoyed the flavor. While I did not notice any weight loss or change in appetite, I did enjoy having the daily energy boost.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #totaltea

Wine Stoppers and Beer Bottle Caps by Top It Off


Like to keep your wine tasting fresh for an extended amount of time after opening and storing? I know I do. Nothing worse than having a bottle of wine lose its flavor if not finished in one sitting, which is why I was more than happy to try out Wine Stoppers and Beer Bottle Caps by Top It Off and MindBody Active.


The 4 pack of resuable Wine Stoppers and Beer Bottle Caps are 100% food grade silicone. All came in nice colors with fun sayings. One of them is black and says, “Rough Day,” the other 4 are a variety of reds/rust colors and say, “Sip Happens,” “Liquid Therapy,” and “Wine Not.”


Super simple to use, just place over the top of the averaged sized wine, pop, champagne or beer bottle, push down. That’s it! To remove, just pull up and it easily comes off of the bottle. The stoppers make an airtight seal and help to lock in the flavors for weeks. I have only used them on wine bottles so far, but they worked fantastically.


One other advantage I really like is the fact they are very simple to pack for vacations. We took them with us to a cabin and did not have to worry about bringing larger, breakable wine stoppers or crossing our fingers that the cork would be salvageable and reusable once initially removed. The stoppers were awesome to have on hand while away from home and worked very well.

Aside from being airtight, the toppers are also considered leak-proof, but I have not stored any topped bottles on their side as of yet. I have turned a bottle upside down while closed with the Wine Stoppers and there were no leaks noted.

Cleaning is very simple since they are dishwasher safe or they can be hand-washed with soap and hot water. I have washed the tops both ways a couple of times and experienced no issues at all. Sometimes I would just give them a quick rinse off instead of thoroughly washing. They still worked great after dishwashing and the writing still looks good as new.

Aside from friendly customer service, this company offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Wine Stoppers and Beer Bottle Caps.


Bottom line- They work great, durable, simple to use, fun to read, easy to clean, make a great gift, small enough to pack on trips and store at home. Perfect!
Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review