Premium Bypass Pruning Shears by Davaon

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Around our house inside and out, it seems there is always something that needs to be cut or pruned, be it a small tree, plants, flowers, fruits or veggies, a good pair of pruning shears are a must!


Premium Bypass Pruning Shears by Davaon are one of the best pairs of shears I have ever used. Not only are they very easy to maneuver with the comfortable anti-slip handles with a wide rotating protection guard, but they also have some other qualities that I really like, such as the sharpness of the non-stick Teflon blades and the shears are lightweight with their aluminum body.


The rotating handle with protection guard works really well to keep my fingers and hands safe from thorns and scratchy branches which allows me to work at a better pace since I do not need to become creative regarding how to hold the shears while pruning and keeping myself safe. It is wide and covers my fingers well, but allows plenty of room for me to maneuver my hand and my fingers do not scrape on inside of the plastic guard.

Having anti-slip handles is another feature I really like. My grip has never slipped at all while using the shears. Plus, this also helps people of all hand size use these shears without difficulty. My hands are much smaller than my husband’s hands, but both of us are able to comfortably use the shears while taking care of the gardening needs.


These shears are super sharp (so be careful) and I love the fact I do not need to apply a lot of pressure while squeezing the handles together. Since the blades are made out of carbon steel and coated with non-stick Teflon, they cut clean, quickly and easily without having residue stuck afterwards to the blades. I have used them numerous times and so far the blades have not dulled at all and nothing has stuck to them.

The shears also have a lock on them which allows for 2 positions which is a nice feature. Davaon even emailed me a PDF with color photos demonstrating the locking mechanism which was very helpful. The first position allows for a smaller blade width for closer/smaller items being worked with and the second completely closes the pruning shears for safe storage. While fully open, the shears have a 20 mm cut capacity. Always remember though, these shears are extremely sharp so be very careful with them even if completely locked.


Overall, I have tried these awesome pruning shears on various bushes, plants, flowers and small trees. No matter what the item I was pruning, the shears worked great! No issues at all. Simple to use, rotating guard for your hand to protect against thorns and such, clean cuts, hardly any squeezing pressure required.

Davaon also offers wonderful customer service and stands behind their product with a 100% Customer Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #DavaonPruner

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