Help find a cure and provide mammogram screening

Come Walk With Me 2015

I have always supported the efforts of finding a cure for breast cancer, because I have known so many that courageously fought the battle. Sadly, not all of them won the fight. This year, not only am I raising money for research and promote early detection in honor of all those brave women, but it has also turned into a personal situation since I am now dealing with breast cancer. Please consider donating to help all those who have dealt with or currently dealing with breast cancer. Almost everyone knows at least one person who has/had breast cancer. Help find a cure. Help women to find the cancer early. Help those who cannot afford mammograms to be able to get it done. Help future generations survive breast cancer. Help end this horrible disease. Please donate. Thank you!!

There are 2 ways you can donate:
1. Online
2. Mail a check to:
Good Samaritan Foundation
PO Box 5296, Tacoma WA 98415-0296

Make checks made payable to “Good Samaritan Foundation/CWWM” and please include my name in the memo portion of the check. Julie Price


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