Wine Stoppers and Beer Bottle Caps by Top It Off


Like to keep your wine tasting fresh for an extended amount of time after opening and storing? I know I do. Nothing worse than having a bottle of wine lose its flavor if not finished in one sitting, which is why I was more than happy to try out Wine Stoppers and Beer Bottle Caps by Top It Off and MindBody Active.


The 4 pack of resuable Wine Stoppers and Beer Bottle Caps are 100% food grade silicone. All came in nice colors with fun sayings. One of them is black and says, “Rough Day,” the other 4 are a variety of reds/rust colors and say, “Sip Happens,” “Liquid Therapy,” and “Wine Not.”


Super simple to use, just place over the top of the averaged sized wine, pop, champagne or beer bottle, push down. That’s it! To remove, just pull up and it easily comes off of the bottle. The stoppers make an airtight seal and help to lock in the flavors for weeks. I have only used them on wine bottles so far, but they worked fantastically.


One other advantage I really like is the fact they are very simple to pack for vacations. We took them with us to a cabin and did not have to worry about bringing larger, breakable wine stoppers or crossing our fingers that the cork would be salvageable and reusable once initially removed. The stoppers were awesome to have on hand while away from home and worked very well.

Aside from being airtight, the toppers are also considered leak-proof, but I have not stored any topped bottles on their side as of yet. I have turned a bottle upside down while closed with the Wine Stoppers and there were no leaks noted.

Cleaning is very simple since they are dishwasher safe or they can be hand-washed with soap and hot water. I have washed the tops both ways a couple of times and experienced no issues at all. Sometimes I would just give them a quick rinse off instead of thoroughly washing. They still worked great after dishwashing and the writing still looks good as new.

Aside from friendly customer service, this company offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the Wine Stoppers and Beer Bottle Caps.


Bottom line- They work great, durable, simple to use, fun to read, easy to clean, make a great gift, small enough to pack on trips and store at home. Perfect!
Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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