Blue Laundry Bag with 2 Inch Shoulder Strap by YaeloDesign

With a house of 5 people (including 3 teens) and 4 big dogs, that’s a lot of laundry! Being organized and keeping the dirty laundry contained in just a few areas is essential to help not drive me crazy. I also have one child who is ready to leave the nest and head off to college and I want to make sure he takes all the necessary items required for dorm room living. These were all great reasons for me to try the Blue Laundry Bag with 2 Inch Shoulder Strap by YaeloDesign.

First off, the Blue Laundry Bag with 2 Inch Shoulder Strap by YaeloDesign is an awesome laundry bag! I love it. Why? For many reasons:


• It is a huge bag (30 x 40 inches).
• The 2 inch shoulder strap is very durable and comfortable on the shoulder for easy carrying on my back.
• Drawstring closure that holds in place.
• Premium Heavy Duty 420D Polyester that really hold up to use and abuse.
• Nice color of blue with the white accent of the shoulder strap and draw string.
• Folds up easily into a small size for storage or packing.
• Very well made and I have not experienced any issues while using for a month.
• Did I mention it holds a lot?


The only criticism I would have is the fact that the packaging says made from “100% Commercial Grade Nylon,” whereas the description online describes the bag as being made with 100% Commercial Grade Heavy Duty 420D Polyester. It would be nice if there was some consistency with the material description. Regardless, the bag works great for me and my family and the material holds up really well.


It has been perfect to use around the house, on trips to the ocean to hold the dirty, sand, wet towels and also my son will be taking the bag to college to hopefully help keep his dorm room clean. The bag holds an enormous amount of clothes and has been comfortable to carry on our shoulders. As we have used it, no issues or tears have been noticed and the bag seems to be holding up very well.

YaeloDesign also offers a 100% Money Back Guarantee if you are not happy with the Blue Laundry Bag with 2 Inch Shoulder Strap (it also comes in red).

Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #BestLaundryBaG


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