The Strange Ways of Providence In My Life by Krystyna Carmi

Picture yourself as a child, a young happy and innocent child, suddenly faced with you and your family’s world being completely turned upside down. Survival becomes struggle, right becomes wrong, food becomes obsolete, home becomes extinct, friend becomes enemy, and life becomes death. Now, still imagine yourself as a small youth and suddenly faced with your world being completely turned upside down, but alone. For Krystyna Carmi, she does not need to imagine, she just has to remember.

The Strange Ways of Providence In My Life by Krystyna Carmi is a memoire encapsulating her past events and laying a timeline from happiness to despair and back again. The author jumps around as she shares stories and personal moments from many times in her life. The ebook is written in a way that makes me feel as if Krystyna and I were having a personal conversation and she was verbally telling me about events that greatly impacted her life and created the woman she became to be.

Krystyna, her parents and sisters were once a happy, caring and close family in Obertyn before World War II struck. Once it did, their entire lives became unfathomable as they fought to stay alive and protect one another for as long as possible. Running from city to city, escaping from ghettos, death at every turn, hiding in safe houses, fleeing in the nighttime, scavenging for food and water. This became their life, temporarily yet seeming like an eternity. In the end, only Krystyna survives due to many miraculous circumstances that seemed controlled by a higher power.

The brave and heroic decisions that she had to face at an age where simple childhood drama such as school, friends and studies should have been her only worries, makes me sadden and baffled. My own children have moments that they feel are so powerful and life altering, such as doing poorly during a sporting event or whether they will be invited to a party, I cannot comprehend looking at them and wonder if they could ever make the same suffering choices Krystyna, at an even younger age than my kids, was daily faced for years. I truly hope I never have to find out that answer and pray that the world will learn at some point how precious life, ALL life is to everyone.

One of my favorite aspects of the book were the numerous photos that the author graciously shared, which were taken by her father who was a professional photographer, of her family spanning from childhood to current times. To be able to put faces with names of people once so happy with so much kindness to share just intensified the story as I attempted to imagine such a horrific ordeal and in doing so, made my heart break even more for her at all ages of her life. One can say that you feel terrible for what she went through as a child, but in all reality, her entire life is filled with the torturing images and recollections from those long years during World War II and beyond. I do not think anyone could possibly just “get over it,” and never be bothered with the memories of a shattered childhood while your family is ripped away during your impressionable youth.

Another precious and personal treasure that is shared by Krystyna are poems that she has written that try to capture her raw emotions and vivid memories of certain events. The poems allowed me to better understand a deeper connection to a moment that I could never fully imagine and yet in awe of someone who went on to live a happy and loving family life once again.

While telling stories from years ago, the author admits on a few occasions that there are gaps in her mental timeline and I feel it is a blessing that Krystyna has never been able to mentally relive some moments even if purely out of self-preservation. I feel such happiness for Krystyna seeing how she did overcome the traumatic younger years and was able to move forward in life which allowed her to find love and create a new family that she could call her own. She definitely deserves it and so much more.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #promotion


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