Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic by Ample Nutrition

Prebiotics and Probiotics are important for people, but they are also just as important for our canine friends to help them maintain digestive health while keeping the good bacteria in and out with the bad microscopic bugs. Recently, I had an opportunity to share Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic by Ample Nutrition with my four-legged pals.


Giving Prebiotics and Probiotics daily, you can improve your canine companion’s overall digestion, boost immunity, decrease diarrhea bouts and also help with recovery from digestive issues. Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic by Ample Nutrition contains one prebiotic booster to increase the effectiveness of the multiple strains of probiotics (3 billion CFU). They are made in the USA and 100% natural that do not contain chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, no meat, GMO, soy, yeast, wheat or gluten. One nice thing about these tablets, they do not require refrigeration and last up to 18 months while stored in a cool and dry place. I just keep my bottle on the counter so I have a reminder to give each dog their daily dose.


One bottle of Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic by Ample Nutrition contains 60 dime-sized, white chewable tablets that are Cheesy Bacon Flavor. My dogs, of various ages, had no problems with chewing up the tablets and swallowing easily.


For dosages, I gave all of my dogs 2 tablets a day, as per the bottle directions for daily digestive health, since they are all over 40 pounds. Dogs under 20 pounds are to take ½ tablet per day and 20-40 pound dogs would receive 1 tablet per day. If being used to support the digestive tract during diarrhea, it is the same dose but twice daily.

I have 4 large dogs ranging in ages from 1 year-old to 11 years-old. I have given the Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic tablets to them as direction per the bottle instructions. While all of my dogs would take the tablets willingly, only 3 of my dogs actually really enjoyed the cheesy bacon flavor and assumed it was treat time. My other dog, who is generally not picky, would be hit and miss. Some days, he would take the tablet and chew it up slowly, other days, he would nibble a bit on it and then leave powdered and white chunk reminisce. Even though he was unusually pickier than my other dogs, I would still call these Prebiotic & Probiotics an overall success.


Ample Nutrition also offers great customer service and a Money Back Guarantee which allows you a full refund if you or your pooch are not completely satisfied with their Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic. For more information, take a look:

Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #DogProbiotic


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