Dog Breed Poster by Pop Chart Lab

Most people consider dogs to be man’s best friend or at least a loyal companion. It is no secret that I have four big dogs and that I love dogs which is why I was so excited to get a Dog Breed Poster-The Diagram of Dogs from Pop Cart Lab.


The 24 x 18 Dog Breed Poster-The Diagram of Dogs is just that, a very cool colored dog diagram that shows 181 dog breeds and how they are group within their main category and also subcategory which makes it fun and educational to see how the dogs are related. For example, my greyhounds are in the “Hounds” category and then broken down further to “Sight Hounds.” My golden retriever is a “Sporting Dog,” and then in the “Retriever” grouping. My Irish setter is also a “Sporting Dog,” and in the “Setters” group.


The paper is nice and heavy, not flimsy and does not rip or tear easily which is great. The drawings and colors are nice and seem accurate for the breeds. The lettering is very easy to read and the poster is set up nicely while being easy to follow for finding certain dog breeds.

Another cool aspect is the poster comes initialed by the artist and is numbered for the first 1000 prints.

The poster came in a nice plastic tube and was in perfect condition. The tube also works very well for storing the poster or for easy wrapping if you are giving it as a gift.

Not only is this poster fun to have if you are a dog fan, but would make a great gift for any dog lover in your life.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #popchartlab


Mom who wants to help her son, Ryan, go to College

I am a Mom. I am a Mom that has three great, no….make that awesome kids! I am a Mom that always intended to help her children achieve their dreams as much as possible. I am just like many other Moms. Actually, I am not just like many other Moms. Let me tell you why….

Currently I am 45 years old and I hope to see 50, but there is not a guarantee. Reason being, almost two years ago, I was diagnosed with Corticobasal Ganglionic Degeneration. It is an uncommon degenerative neurological disorder that is not curable and most people live only 5-10 years from onset of symptoms. CBGD is not a fun disease and symptoms include numerous horrible things such as alien limb syndrome, dystonia, walking and balance difficulties, muscle pain, speech issues……and more.

Since I was 17, working has been my middle name. At times, I even worked 1 ½ jobs to make ends meet. College was important to me and I made sure to put myself through school. While I went to College full-time, I also worked full-time to help pay my tuition. I worked long hours and always gave 150%, until April of 2014. My doctors wanted me to stop working prior to then, but I wanted to work as long as possible especially since I knew my son, Ryan Price, was going to start College in August, 2015. At the time, sacrificing myself was worth it if it meant financially helping my family as long as possible. Ultimately, I worked myself way too hard and all I managed to do was speed up my illness and end up in the ER with my doctors, husband and kids telling me that I was decreasing my time with my family by pushing my body beyond breaking. I stopped working which was so hard to do and I still have trouble to this day with coming to terms of not being able to have a job and feel like I am contributing.

Enough about me. This fundraiser is for my son, Ryan, not myself. The reason I have told you about my situation is so you can better understand when I admit I have failed. Failed as a Mother. I know that many would tell me that is not the case since my kids are truly great, very compassionate, caring, smart and talented, especially Ryan. The reason I feel that I have failed, I cannot financially help him achieve his life’s ambition to attend College this Fall. Perhaps, my last big achievement. I did not want him to struggle and stress to find ways on how to pay for College or if he can even afford to go. I failed to make this simple and fun for him. I failed by making him not only wonder if he will ever go to the College of his dreams or at all, but also the unnerving question of how long I will be around for him. I have failed to be his safety net.

Ryan Price is graduating High School in June, 2015. There are so many great qualities that I could recite, like most Moms, but he really is a good kid. Don’t get me wrong, he is not perfect and I have the typical battles regarding cleaning his room and taking out the trash. Regardless, Ryan is a loving son, awesome big brother, loyal friend, smart, funny with his dry sense of humor and quick wit, compassionate with animals (especially dogs and has even volunteered with animal groups) and very talented when it comes to computers. In fact, he wants to attend College to become a computer programmer and he has already proven himself highly skilled and capable by taking courses over the past couple of years while doing very well academically with programming classes. He lives for computers. Programming is his passion and his ambition. It is his goal. His, as I say, “computer, math and science brain” just clicks with it all and coding completely makes sense to him while I go cross-eyed as he attempts to explain it to me even in the simplest of terms. Plus, let’s face it, his handwriting is atrocious, so he needs to work in computers.

Financially, our life has completely turned upside down. Don’t get me wrong, we are making ends meet, but no extras. We have cut every possible corner, save as we can and creatively as trimmed down our bills while supporting a family of 5. It is still nowhere near enough to send him to College. Since our income has been drastically cut due to my inability to work and continual medical expenses, I felt the need to start thinking outside the box in order to right my wrong. It is now time to swallow my pride and humbly admit we need help (and you have no idea how hard it is for me to ever ask for help, seriously) with finding ways to raise the funds Ryan needs in order to be able to fulfill his dreams of attending the College he so desperately wants to attend and has already been accepted to start this Fall. Above all, I want him to be able to enjoy it. I want it to be his safe haven where he can focus on the beginning of the rest of his life while having fun. My illness will eventually punish him enough by losing me, but he should not be punished in the meantime by not being able to go to the College that he has worked so hard the past few years to attend.

He has been trying to raise money already. Ryan has applied for many scholarships, but none have been granted. Because of our predicament, he is having trouble getting student loans and has been denied which has done nothing but increase the desperation. Unfortunately, Pell Grants are not an option for him and he was turned down. Options are dwindling quickly.

Ryan’s dream has now become my dream, for him to attend College and hopefully, I will be able to watch him graduate. Even if I am not able to see him graduate, it would make me so proud and rest peacefully to know he was well on the road to success and beginning the career he has fought for and more than deserves.

ALL funds will be strictly used for his College tuition, campus living expenses, books and school supplies. Every penny will be for College. The initial $35,000 is what he still needs for his first year in order to attend. Ultimately, he needs approximately $120,000 to complete his degree. Any amount will be very much appreciated and help a deserving young man smile a little bigger.

If you are willing to donate, please visit:

Thank you.

The Strange Ways of Providence In My Life by Krystyna Carmi

Picture yourself as a child, a young happy and innocent child, suddenly faced with you and your family’s world being completely turned upside down. Survival becomes struggle, right becomes wrong, food becomes obsolete, home becomes extinct, friend becomes enemy, and life becomes death. Now, still imagine yourself as a small youth and suddenly faced with your world being completely turned upside down, but alone. For Krystyna Carmi, she does not need to imagine, she just has to remember.

The Strange Ways of Providence In My Life by Krystyna Carmi is a memoire encapsulating her past events and laying a timeline from happiness to despair and back again. The author jumps around as she shares stories and personal moments from many times in her life. The ebook is written in a way that makes me feel as if Krystyna and I were having a personal conversation and she was verbally telling me about events that greatly impacted her life and created the woman she became to be.

Krystyna, her parents and sisters were once a happy, caring and close family in Obertyn before World War II struck. Once it did, their entire lives became unfathomable as they fought to stay alive and protect one another for as long as possible. Running from city to city, escaping from ghettos, death at every turn, hiding in safe houses, fleeing in the nighttime, scavenging for food and water. This became their life, temporarily yet seeming like an eternity. In the end, only Krystyna survives due to many miraculous circumstances that seemed controlled by a higher power.

The brave and heroic decisions that she had to face at an age where simple childhood drama such as school, friends and studies should have been her only worries, makes me sadden and baffled. My own children have moments that they feel are so powerful and life altering, such as doing poorly during a sporting event or whether they will be invited to a party, I cannot comprehend looking at them and wonder if they could ever make the same suffering choices Krystyna, at an even younger age than my kids, was daily faced for years. I truly hope I never have to find out that answer and pray that the world will learn at some point how precious life, ALL life is to everyone.

One of my favorite aspects of the book were the numerous photos that the author graciously shared, which were taken by her father who was a professional photographer, of her family spanning from childhood to current times. To be able to put faces with names of people once so happy with so much kindness to share just intensified the story as I attempted to imagine such a horrific ordeal and in doing so, made my heart break even more for her at all ages of her life. One can say that you feel terrible for what she went through as a child, but in all reality, her entire life is filled with the torturing images and recollections from those long years during World War II and beyond. I do not think anyone could possibly just “get over it,” and never be bothered with the memories of a shattered childhood while your family is ripped away during your impressionable youth.

Another precious and personal treasure that is shared by Krystyna are poems that she has written that try to capture her raw emotions and vivid memories of certain events. The poems allowed me to better understand a deeper connection to a moment that I could never fully imagine and yet in awe of someone who went on to live a happy and loving family life once again.

While telling stories from years ago, the author admits on a few occasions that there are gaps in her mental timeline and I feel it is a blessing that Krystyna has never been able to mentally relive some moments even if purely out of self-preservation. I feel such happiness for Krystyna seeing how she did overcome the traumatic younger years and was able to move forward in life which allowed her to find love and create a new family that she could call her own. She definitely deserves it and so much more.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #promotion

7 Piece Makeup Brushes Set with Stylish Case by Xtava

Aside from the right makeup, there is one thing that is just as important to have when getting ready each day, nice makeup brushes. With the wrong brushes, you might as well not even waste your time applying makeup. Recently, I had a chance to try the 7 Piece Makeup Brushes Set with Stylish Case by Xtava and I was really happy with all of the items.


The 7 Piece Makeup Brushes Set with Stylish Case by Xtava is a great and complete set of brushes made from natural and synthetic bristles and ultra-lightweight wood that includes 1 Powder Brush, 1 Foundation Brush, 1 Contour Brush, 1 Blending Brush, 1 Eye Shadow Base Brush, 1 Angle Brush, and 1 Lip Brush.

All of the brushes are lightweight, easy to hold and use, very soft bristles and do not leave any streaks or poor makeup application appearance after use. My makeup goes on cleanly and I have full coverage, especially for my eyes.


Another thing I really loved is the soft, black carrying/storage case with magnetic snaps the brushes come in that also has a zip pocket for storing small items. This makes it very handy to take with me on a trip or anywhere I need my makeup brushes to come with me.


• Really nice storage case for the brushes and an extra zip pocket for storing other small items. Works great when taking them on a trip, to the gym, etc.
• 7 piece makeup brush set covers many bases for applying makeup with the 1 Powder Brush, 1 Foundation Brush, 1 Contour Brush, 1 Blending Brush, 1 Eye Shadow Base Brush, 1 Angle Brush, and 1 Lip Brush.
• Brushes are lightweight and comfortable to hold while using.
• No makeup streaks or issues with applying makeup.

• The only con, the brushes that came in my set are not the same types as listed on the website. They were a different combination. Regardless, I still have enjoyed using the brushes each day while applying my makeup.

Overall, I am really happy with the 7 Piece Makeup Brushes Set with Stylish Case by Xtava and look forward to continued use each day.

For more information, go to

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #makeupbrushes

Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic by Ample Nutrition

Prebiotics and Probiotics are important for people, but they are also just as important for our canine friends to help them maintain digestive health while keeping the good bacteria in and out with the bad microscopic bugs. Recently, I had an opportunity to share Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic by Ample Nutrition with my four-legged pals.


Giving Prebiotics and Probiotics daily, you can improve your canine companion’s overall digestion, boost immunity, decrease diarrhea bouts and also help with recovery from digestive issues. Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic by Ample Nutrition contains one prebiotic booster to increase the effectiveness of the multiple strains of probiotics (3 billion CFU). They are made in the USA and 100% natural that do not contain chemicals, preservatives, artificial flavors or colors, no meat, GMO, soy, yeast, wheat or gluten. One nice thing about these tablets, they do not require refrigeration and last up to 18 months while stored in a cool and dry place. I just keep my bottle on the counter so I have a reminder to give each dog their daily dose.


One bottle of Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic by Ample Nutrition contains 60 dime-sized, white chewable tablets that are Cheesy Bacon Flavor. My dogs, of various ages, had no problems with chewing up the tablets and swallowing easily.


For dosages, I gave all of my dogs 2 tablets a day, as per the bottle directions for daily digestive health, since they are all over 40 pounds. Dogs under 20 pounds are to take ½ tablet per day and 20-40 pound dogs would receive 1 tablet per day. If being used to support the digestive tract during diarrhea, it is the same dose but twice daily.

I have 4 large dogs ranging in ages from 1 year-old to 11 years-old. I have given the Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic tablets to them as direction per the bottle instructions. While all of my dogs would take the tablets willingly, only 3 of my dogs actually really enjoyed the cheesy bacon flavor and assumed it was treat time. My other dog, who is generally not picky, would be hit and miss. Some days, he would take the tablet and chew it up slowly, other days, he would nibble a bit on it and then leave powdered and white chunk reminisce. Even though he was unusually pickier than my other dogs, I would still call these Prebiotic & Probiotics an overall success.


Ample Nutrition also offers great customer service and a Money Back Guarantee which allows you a full refund if you or your pooch are not completely satisfied with their Complete Dog Prebiotic & Probiotic. For more information, take a look:

Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #DogProbiotic

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