FSL Inertia Bluetooth Earphones by FSL

Technology is a wonderful and glorious thing! There is always the next best thing, new and improved, cannot live without device, gadget, must-have and definitely needed item just around the corner. One such item that I recently had a chance to try is the FSL Inertia Bluetooth Earphones by FSL and I think I am in love.


FSL Inertia Bluetooth Earphones by FSL are just that, Inertia Bluetooth earphones that are lightweight and portable, black and gray earphones with the ability to not only let you listen to music with very clear sound, but also able to talk hands-free on your phone with great quality.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 and connecting the FSL Inertia Bluetooth Earphones by FSL to my phone was extremely easy and there were no issues. I just followed the simple instructions located in the booklet that comes with the earphones and I was paired up within a couple of minutes. After I was paired, reconnecting during future uses to my phone was automatic. To test it even further, the earphones have also been paired up with an HTC one m8 smartphone and a Motorola Moto G smartphone. I found no issues while using the Bluetooth earphones with any of these smartphones and experienced the same great quality with the Bluetooth earphones no matter which phone I used.

Since I always have issues finding earpieces that fit comfortably in my ear and stay in place, one very big positive feature for me is the fact that these earphones come with varying sizes (small, medium and large) of silicone ear fins and silicone ear tips. I was able to find the style and size that works perfectly for me and have not experience any problems with the earphones falling out or being uncomfortable. If I every change my mind on which ones I want to use or someone else in my family wants to switch the earpieces, I can store all of the options in the soft zippered case that holds the earpieces, earphones and USB charger for easy storage and portability. I just toss the case in my purse and the earphones are always with me.


Another feature that I really like is the option to control the volume and current music track with just a simple push of the button located just below the ear piece. The raised buttons allow me to know which one I am choosing without having to actually look.


The operating distance is great. FSL claims 10 meters (about 33 feet) and when I tried this out, this seemed very accurate. This is a great feature since I can now move about while listening to music or make calls without the hassle of dealing with cords connecting directly to my phone.

While using these Bluetooth Earphones, I did not have any issues with sound, changing track or volume, music stopping when I received a call, dropped calls or music, charging, storage or switching amongst the multiple earpiece options for the ones that fit me the best and most securely.


– Sturdy zip soft case to carry the earphones and extra pieces.
– Excellent sound quality while using the Bluetooth earphones for listening to music or making calls.
– Bluetooth earphones design so you do not need to be plugged into your device, just connected, with up to 10 meters operating distance.
– Use for listening to music, make calls, watch videos, etc.
– Built-in microphone so you can make hands free calls and the sound quality is very clear.
– Music stops when you receive a call.
– Able to control your music from the headphones by adjusting volume, pausing and changing the track with a simple push of a raised button design to make it obvious which option you are choosing by touch.
– Capable of pairing with most smartphones and tablets.
– Charges quickly (2 hours) and stays charged for up to 6 hours of playing music or 150 hours standby.
– Charging is very simple to do with the USB charging cable that comes with the earphones and a red LED light lets you know when charging is happening and turns off when completed.
– Lightweight (12.6 g) and portable design, yet very durable. 37 x 16.3 x 327.7 mm dimensions.
– Comfortable and secure fit in ears, especially with many ear piece options to choose from for your personal preference. Ear pieces even sturdy enough to stay in while playing sports or being active.
– Comes with detailed and easy to understand directions booklet.

– A tad more bass would be nice. But, that is a minor point for me.

Bottom line- Love these Inertia Bluetooth Earphones by FSL.

Check it out on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00PC132FM/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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