Florence (Florence Waverly Book 1) by Ciye Cho

Fantasy and fiction are two genres that help a reader to escape their reality and create a world that is new, adventurous and otherwise nonexistent. Like most people, I find it relaxing and intriguing to explore lives that come alive on paper and in my imagination.

One such tale is Florence (Florence Waverly Book 1) by Ciye Cho, a young adult fantasy romance ebook, that peaked my curiosity and transported me to a beautiful and vibrant underwater world of the Mer in Niemela.

Niemela is the land of the Mer, numerous underwater mammals, glowing coral, protective jellyfish and a life that humans can only mentally picture, but Ciye Cho provides such descriptive words that the reader is able to effortlessly picture the coral becoming vibrant with color, the tiny octopus that flutters about, whales that slowly swim past, the family conflict that engulfs the royal clan, all while Florence, the out of place human, desperately tries to figure out how she fits not only into her new life, but also everyone else’s presence.

Florence, a shy and awkward young girl is thrown from the ocean shore into a world of confusion as she is transported from a school field trip to suddenly breathing underwater while swimming with mermaids and mermen within Neimela. Even though she is able to communicate with the Mer, which does not increase her acceptance with the nonhumans, tensions rise while everyone tries to decide what to do with Florence and where she really belongs. All the while, Neimela is bracing for a powerful dilemma involving a tense change in rulers and the Darkness.

Follow the tale of Florence as she is forced to adapt to the ways of the numerous sea creatures while frantically trying to determine who she can trust and who she should fear.

I really enjoyed Florence. Thanks to the vivid skill and enlightened artistry of Ciye Cho, the story was intriguing and I became engrossed with Florence’s life and underwater existence amongst the Mer. The story kept my attention and peaked my curiosity regarding what and who would Florence chose to continue her life; Land or Sea? Prince Kiren or Prince Rolan? And who, if anyone, is it worth losing her soul? The possibilities are endless, but you will have to read to find out the answers.

Check it out!


TRAILER: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i9CDFS1VN2

WEBSITE: http://www.florence-books.com/promo

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences.


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