French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle by Kitchen Supreme

We are a coffee and tea household. Both are consumed everyday by my husband and I, so flavorful coffee and tea are a must. A new way for us to make both hot beverages is by trying out a French Press to enhance the taste while needing only one system. The French Press Coffee & Tea Maker Complete Bundle by Kitchen Supreme was a great solution to not only make a great cup of coffee, but also a nice mug of tea.


The bundle comes with the 34 ounce Kitchen Supreme French Press made with double wall, Borosilicate Glass (designed to withstand high heat and not crack) and a stainless steel plunger, 4 filter screens (one is already attached and then 3 extra for full filtering that fits your needs), 1 stainless steel spoon designed for honey and/or sugar, 1 coffee/tea scoop and written instructions with great advice for the perfect cup or tea or coffee.


The French Press Coffee & Tea Maker has a very sleek design and appearance with the glass and shiny stainless steel. The weight of the press is just right without being too heavy to use or too light to avoid tipping over. It is just the right size and makes the perfect amount of tea or coffee for us in one batch so nothing goes to waste or left wanting more made. Plus, the size makes for easy storage without taking up much room on the counter or cupboard.


We have used the French Press to make coffee and tea. Both tasted great and worth taking the extra time to use the press. Granted, there are faster ways of making tea or coffee, but if you are willing to spend a few more minutes with a couple of extra simple steps, the flavors are well worth the time spent on preparation.


For the coffee, we ground up beans to a coarse consistency and then followed the clear instructions which spell out step-by-step how to make a perfect cup of coffee by explaining the suggested amount of coffee grounds, water to use and time to wait. The French Press actually makes 8 small or 4 regular sized cups of coffee per one full making which is very handy and just the right amount.

The tea was just as simple to brew by using tea leaves and following the easy to understand instructions to make a great tasting tea. Kitchen Supreme does strongly suggest that tea leaves are not to be left sitting in water within the press and should be cleaned out soon, so I have always made sure to follow that rule.

Cleaning the French Press was simple and I have had no issues with taking it apart to wash thoroughly. I just unscrewed the plunger screen and place all pieces into the dishwasher. Kitchen Supreme suggests rinsing them off in hot water after the dishwasher cycle in order to rinse away any soap residue, so I have also completed that step. Putting the press back together was a breeze and the next round of coffee/tea turned out just as good as the first time.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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