2 in 1 Lemon Squeezer & Cap Opener by EverKitchen

When I am baking or cooking, I am a kitchen gadget kinda gal. Anything that can make my life easier while preparing food, I am going to try it out. So I was very happy to get a chance to use the 2 in 1 Lemon Squeezer & Cap Opener by EverKitchen.


The polished stainless steel 2 in 1 Lemon Squeezer & Cap Opener by EverKitchen is designed to not rust, chip or peel. It is a handy tool that allows you to squeeze lemons and limes easily and efficiently into any recipe or even just a glass of water to add a bit of flavor. The look is sleek and shiny, the weight is nice while not being too heavy and the design is simple to use and squeeze while fitting comfortably in your hand.


The times that I have used it consist of: lemon squeezed straight into my tea and water, added to batter, directly on fish, into desserts. For limes, I have added to drinks and desserts. While using, I never experienced any issues and the handles nicely squeeze together to extract the majority of the juice. Also, there were no pulp or seeds noted in the final product.


Cleaning is no problem at all. Whenever I use it to squeeze some lemons or limes, I give it a quick rinse afterwards and toss into the dishwasher. After about 7 uses and washings so far, the 2 in 1 Lemon Squeezer & Cap Opener still works and looks good as new.


Another nice feature is the bottle opener that is built into the 2 in 1 Lemon Squeezer & Cap Opener on the bottom edge of the device. I tried it out and it worked very well to pop caps off of bottles without any issues.

The only drawback I have noticed is the size of fruit you can use. The lemon does need to be on the smaller size or a small-medium. As long as you are conscientious regarding fruit size while shopping for your lemons and/or limes, it should not be an issue.

One last point worth mentioning, EverKitchen also offers a 100% lifetime money back guarantee, no questions asked! If you are in the market for a lemon squeezer, they are definitely worth checking out.

Check it out on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Squeezer-EverKitchen-Super-Strong-Dishwasher-Stainless/dp/B00OW2ANFO/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top?ie=UTF8

And, EverKitchen: http://www.everkitchen.com

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review #lemonsqueezer


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