Organic Dandelion Root Tea by Kiss Me Organics

Over the years, I have tried all kinds of tea; green, black, spiced, herbal, fruity, matcha, etc. Until recently, I had never heard of Organic Dandelion Root Tea and I was very tempted and eager to give it a try.


Organic Dandelion Root Tea by Kiss Me Organics is a nice and light tea made out of just organic dandelion root tea, organic hibiscus and organic cinnamon. Even though there are only a few ingredients, they are each full of healthy qualities.


There are many health benefits associated with Hibiscus, cinnamon and dandelion root. Raw dandelion root is full of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, such as vitamins A, C, D, B-complex plus iron, potassium and zinc which all aid with treating liver and mood disorders, helps your immune system, detox the kidneys and liver and improves digestion.


When I make a cup of hot tea, I find the aroma pleasant and I really like the taste. It is not overpowering or too strong, but subtle and nice. The tea makes the hot water have a very light, almost lavender color. While I have not tried the tea in any other form other than hot tea, I am looking forward to trying out different recipes suggested by Kiss Me Organics in a downloadable recipe ebook.


The downloadable recipe ebook that they emailed me is awesome. Not only is there a lot of interesting facts and information regarding dandelions, such as use, health benefits, etc., but also yummy recipes for different for items like hot drinks, smoothies, gazpacho, rice dishes, salad dressings, soups and even mashed potatoes.


Some of the qualities I really like regarding dandelion root tea:
– Caffeine-Free.
– Each order comes with 5 boxes (each box contains 20 tea bags of organic dandelion root tea).
– The tea contains Hibiscus and cinnamon which offers flavor, along with their health benefits, such as hibiscus helps to control blood pressure and cinnamon works to regulate blood sugar levels and lower bad cholesterol.
– Downloadable recipe ebook that contains 20 recipes plus a lot of interesting facts and useful information regarding dandelions and dandelion root tea.
– Easy to use and versatile; drink as a tea or use in a recipe.
– Great flavor, not overpowering or too strong.
– Zero calories.
– All organic ingredients.

As far as any negative criticism, I have none. Not only have there been no issues with using the dandelion root tea, but I really like the flavor.

I love drinking tea and Organic Dandelion Root Tea has quickly become one of my favorites since it is so versatile and tastes great. I definitely plan on continuing to have fun making even more yummy items or just drinking a cup every day!

Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences.


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