Supernova 300 LED Lantern by Supernova

There are some items that are a must have around the house, in the car and packed in emergency preparedness kits. One such item is a dependable lantern. Recently, I had a chance to try the Supernova 300 LED Lantern by Supernova and I was impressed.


The Supernova 300 is a 7.25” tall green plastic and black rubber lantern with a frosted convex reflector cap that takes 3 ‘D’ batteries to operate. I did have a bit of an issue with replacing the battery cover (see below), but removing the cover and inserting the batteries were easy to accomplish.

There are three levels of light that is reached while pushing the rubber on/off button. The first two are low and high brightness levels while the third is a strobe light. The cover is also removable for a more focused and brighter light. To turn it off, you push through all of the cycles and the lantern goes dark. There is a green flashing LED light indicator, in order to help locate the lantern in the dark which is bright enough to be seen in the dark, but I do not notice it otherwise.


Over the past few weeks, we have used the lantern a few different ways to test it out. We used it while working up in our attic crawl space, outside at night and as I was working in my greenhouse during the late evening. During each situation, the Supernova 300 worked very well and provided all of the needed light. There were no issues experienced and there was no need for additional lanterns or lighting aside from the Supernova 300.


While in use, the lantern was carried by the handle, left standing on surfaces and at other times, hanging by the built-in lantern hook. All three ways worked great. Base hook is really nice in order to hang it upside down to allow more light while using it hands-free. You just flip it out to use and then it snaps right back in place when pushed down. The hook and handle held up well and the lantern hung for hours without and wear-and-tear noticed.

Overall, I am happy with the Supernova 300 and summarized my pros and cons.

– Three levels of light brightness to choose from, depending on your need (2 solid brightness levels and one flashing strobe level).
– The lantern top cover is easily removable if you want a more focused light or brighter coverage.
– Turning off and on is simple by pushing the rubber button.
– Can be used either standing, carrying or with the base hook to hang.
– Built in flashing LED indicator makes the lantern easy to spot during a power outage or in the dark.
– A nice sized lantern that is easy to carry and/or pack without being too bulky.
– Can be used continuously up to 6 days.
– Water resistant which really helps when camping or during an emergency outdoors.

– The battery compartment is a little tricky. Removing the battery cover is simple with just a twisting motion and placing the batteries in the lantern was not difficult. The awkward part for me was replacing the battery cover. You do have to line it up just perfectly in order for it to twist back on. There are 2 arrow stickers (one in the cover and one within the lantern itself) that do help to line up the cover with the lantern a little easier. Plus, the instructions that come with the lantern help to explain it further with illustrated photos. Once the cover is lined up, twisting it back on was not too bad.

Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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