Almond Flour by Morning Pep

I use Almond Flour quite often in my everyday baking. Some of the items include: cookies, breads, muffins, apple cobbler, as a breading for pork chops and even in meatballs (which turn out amazing). The possibilities are endless on how to use Almond Flour, which is why I was happy to try Almond Flour by Morning Pep.


Morning Pep offers 2 sizes in their Almond Flour, 5 lb and 2 lb bags, so it very handy to find the right size. It is made from 100% ground blanched almonds, is off-white in color and has a fine, soft texture.


Almond Flour has a lot of nutritional benefits, such as a good source of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin E and is an awesome source of fiber. It is also free of gluten, cholesterol, NON-GMO and low in sodium.


As someone who cannot eat gluten due to allergies, one aspect I especially appreciate is the steps Morning Pep take to ensure their Almond Flour remains gluten free. Not only is it processed and packaged in a gluten-free facility, they also routinely test the flour to check or cross-contamination. While using Morning Pepe’s Almond Flour, I have not noticed any issues with “gluten” exposure.


I put this Almond Flour to the test and have used it in a wide range of items (berry cobbler, bread, pumpkin muffins, meatballs, granola bars, cookies and waffles). Some recipes I have made before and others I tried out for the first time. Everything that I made while using this Almond Flour turned out great! I even found some new recipes that I love. Either way, it is extremely easy to use and scoops up well with a measuring cup or spoon.


Some of the qualities I really like:
– The consistency of the flour with its finely ground texture which is soft and does not clump.
– Love the fact that it is gluten-free and the steps Morning Pep takes to ensure no cross-contamination.
– Versatile and tastes great in recipes ranging from casseroles to meats and breads to desserts.
– The Almond Flour comes in 2 sizes so you don’t over or under order the amount needed.
– The bag has a zip-lock that seals easily and holds closed firmly which makes for easy storing.
– Nutritional benefits are wonderful and since I can put the Almond Flour in a variety of items, I know my family also benefits.
– Easy to use.
– Never gives food an overpowering almond flavor, in fact my family cannot even tell when I use it in my cooking or baking.

As far as any negative criticism, I have none. Not only have there been no issues with using the almond flour, gluten or storing, but my food tastes wonderful.

Working the Almond Flour is simple and there are so many uses and recipes online that call for Almond Flour, so I definitely plan on continuing to have fun making even more yummy items!

Check it out on Amazon:

5 lb bag:

2 lb bag:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences.


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