18” Packing Sleeves/Folders by Dot&Dot

Organization, wrinkled clothes and lack of space are all issues I face when traveling. I am one of those people who absolutely hates to pack and I procrastinate until the very last minute. Because of this flaw in planning, I usually end up with too many items, not enough items or they are just a wrinkled mess by the time I get to wherever I am going. In order to help alleviate some of these issues and reduce my stress, I was excited to try out the 18” Packing Sleeve/Folder by Dot&Dot.


The 18” x 12” Packing Sleeves/Folders is designed to hold 8 to 12 shirts or pants and comes in different colors (black, red, orange, pink or yellow) and as a single piece or a set of two. I received a single one in black. My first impression was that the item came very well secured in a thick sealed plastic bag which is great for storing the item when not in use. The Packing Sleeve/Folder was nice looking with the black fabric and mesh with gray trim. Upon inspection, it looks to be well made, durable and is comfortable to the touch.

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As I opened up the Packing Sleeve/Folder, there are 4 flaps in total and each flap set will firmly Velcro to its corresponding partner. The Velcro is in long strips which allows the bag to easily expand as needed. Inside of the product, there is a folding board that clearly explains with images how to use in order to fold your clothing items to reduce wrinkles and maximize the storage space. Using the board was simple to maneuver and my clothes were folded quickly. The board is also handy to leave in there if you want a firmer support, but there is a semi-firm backing built into the folder already.


Once I folded my items and laid them inside, it took just a second to close the flaps and I was all set. The items stayed in place and did not slide around or slump to the bottom of the Packing Sleeve/Folder as I held it up by the handle while carrying it around.


Now, I can not only keep my items less wrinkled, but my suitcase will be more organized since I can pack all my shirts into one sleeve and not have my clothes get mixed in with other family members who may be sharing the same suitcase. It is also great if I just need to pack up a few things to go somewhere for the day where I need a change of clothes that are kept clean and folded until use. I can just toss the sleeve into my car and not worry about packing up a whole bag.

Dot&Dot offers wonderful customer service and fully backs their products. If for some reason you are not happy with your 18” Packing Sleeve/Folder, they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Check it out on Amazon: http://dotdottravel.com/mediumfolder

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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