Age Defense Neck Cream by Body Merry

Aging is a part of life that happens to everyone. But, it does not hurt to keep our skin as healthy as possible, not only for our improved physical well-being, but also to make us feel better regarding its appearance which is why I tried Age Defense Neck Cream by Body Merry.


Age Defense Neck Cream comes in 1.7 fl oz bottle that has a snap on cap which is easily removed and replaced. The bottle has a pump which is simple to press down and just the right amount comes out for application. The cream is a white lotion that has a subtle cucumber-like fragrance which dissipates after it is quickly absorbed into your skin. The cream is non-greasy, soft and feels really good while rubbing onto my skin. After applying, my skin does not look shiny and feels silky. I did not find it too thick or runny, it seemed like the right consistency for my preference.


Some essential key points to make regarding this cream is this product was never tested on animals, made in the USA and contains no harsh chemicals. I was also very impressed by the regular and organic ingredients, vitamins, antioxidants and AHAs in the Age Defense Neck Cream, such as Organic Aloe, Organic Sunflower Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Vitamin C and B5, CoQ10, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea and Rosehip Oil and These ingredients, along with others in the product work towards hydrating and nourishing your skin to help improve elasticity, firmness and appearance of your neck and décolleté.


I used the Age Defense Neck Cream as directed over the past month, applying to my neck and décolleté each night for dry to sensitive skin (recommended twice-a-day for normal to oily skin). Since I tend to have dry skin, I chose the once-a-day application recommendation. After a month, my neck did show signs of improvement and seemed to be more firm in appearance and soft to the touch. I am excited to see how much more it will improve over time.

See for yourself, especially since Body Merry does offer great customer service and a full 100% 90 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream by Body Merry

Everyone has stretch marks and/or scars. Both can be a nuisance to improve, repair or even make disappear. I know I have multiple scars from past surgeries and stretch marks from previous pregnancies that I would be more than happy to diminish. Recently, I tried the Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream by Body Merry in hopes of just that.


Some essential key points to make regarding this cream is this product was never tested on animals, made in the USA and is designed to work on both men and women to help with new and old scars and stretch marks. I was also very impressed by the natural and organic ingredients in the Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream, such as Organic Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter, Vitamins e, c, b3 and b5, Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, Organic Jojoba Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, and Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract. These ingredients, along with others in the product work towards hydrating and nourishing your skin to help improve elasticity and reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks.


The cream is a thick, soft, smooth textured, off-white cream that has an aroma that faintly reminds me of chocolate. I do not mind the smell and it quickly dissipates once the cream is absorbed, becoming non-odorous. I found that the cream rubs into the skin easily, a little goes a long way and is non-greasy on the skin. It absorbs quickly and I have not had any issues with staining of clothes after dressing.


I used the Stretch Marks and Scars Defense Cream as directed, applying each morning and night. I have used it for the past month on my abdomen to reduce noticeable scars from multiple surgeries and also stretch marks from past pregnancies. After a couple of weeks, I was pleasantly surprised to see my scars lighten and appear less obvious. As for my stretch marks, there was some reduced obviousness, but I would not call it as dramatic of a change as my scars. It is possible that this may also improve over more time. One other great change I noticed overall, it did work very well at improving my skin’s softness and smoothness which makes me really happy. I look forward to trying longer and seeing the difference it will continue to make.


See for yourself, especially since Body Merry does offer great customer service and a full 100% 90 Day Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences.

Supernova 300 LED Lantern by Supernova

There are some items that are a must have around the house, in the car and packed in emergency preparedness kits. One such item is a dependable lantern. Recently, I had a chance to try the Supernova 300 LED Lantern by Supernova and I was impressed.


The Supernova 300 is a 7.25” tall green plastic and black rubber lantern with a frosted convex reflector cap that takes 3 ‘D’ batteries to operate. I did have a bit of an issue with replacing the battery cover (see below), but removing the cover and inserting the batteries were easy to accomplish.

There are three levels of light that is reached while pushing the rubber on/off button. The first two are low and high brightness levels while the third is a strobe light. The cover is also removable for a more focused and brighter light. To turn it off, you push through all of the cycles and the lantern goes dark. There is a green flashing LED light indicator, in order to help locate the lantern in the dark which is bright enough to be seen in the dark, but I do not notice it otherwise.


Over the past few weeks, we have used the lantern a few different ways to test it out. We used it while working up in our attic crawl space, outside at night and as I was working in my greenhouse during the late evening. During each situation, the Supernova 300 worked very well and provided all of the needed light. There were no issues experienced and there was no need for additional lanterns or lighting aside from the Supernova 300.


While in use, the lantern was carried by the handle, left standing on surfaces and at other times, hanging by the built-in lantern hook. All three ways worked great. Base hook is really nice in order to hang it upside down to allow more light while using it hands-free. You just flip it out to use and then it snaps right back in place when pushed down. The hook and handle held up well and the lantern hung for hours without and wear-and-tear noticed.

Overall, I am happy with the Supernova 300 and summarized my pros and cons.

– Three levels of light brightness to choose from, depending on your need (2 solid brightness levels and one flashing strobe level).
– The lantern top cover is easily removable if you want a more focused light or brighter coverage.
– Turning off and on is simple by pushing the rubber button.
– Can be used either standing, carrying or with the base hook to hang.
– Built in flashing LED indicator makes the lantern easy to spot during a power outage or in the dark.
– A nice sized lantern that is easy to carry and/or pack without being too bulky.
– Can be used continuously up to 6 days.
– Water resistant which really helps when camping or during an emergency outdoors.

– The battery compartment is a little tricky. Removing the battery cover is simple with just a twisting motion and placing the batteries in the lantern was not difficult. The awkward part for me was replacing the battery cover. You do have to line it up just perfectly in order for it to twist back on. There are 2 arrow stickers (one in the cover and one within the lantern itself) that do help to line up the cover with the lantern a little easier. Plus, the instructions that come with the lantern help to explain it further with illustrated photos. Once the cover is lined up, twisting it back on was not too bad.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review

People Speak 3 by Chaim Walder

Some stories and lessons transcend time, races and religions to present mankind with valuable insight which is the case with People Speak 3 by Chaim Walder, a rabbi who has compiled many submitted tales by various people into a series of books.

The People Speak series are novels that are comprised of personal experiences that are shared with Rabbi Chaim Walder. The stories have been translated into numerous languages and also offers a glossary located in the back to explain some of the Hebrew, Yiddish and Aramaic terminology within the stories. Even with flipping to the glossary while reading about someone’s real life experience, the reader does not lose any timing or meaning. In fact, for myself, I looked at it as a chance to further the wisdom that I took from this literature.

I recently finished reading the touching ebook, People Speak 3. This is the second People Speak book that I have read (I also had the honor of reading People Speak 4) and I must say, that I was just as impressed and found the stories insightful and close to my heart.

People Speak 3 is comprised of 24 short and powerful stories that were submitted by big-hearted and caring individuals. The lessons range from light-hearted to thought provoking, forcing the reader to self-evaluate and take a glimpse inside of themselves. I have to commend those who are willing to swallow their pride and even publicly admit some decisions that were regretfully made by them or their loved ones.

How many times have you been faced with an awkward or painful situation? You are left wondering why and questioning each movement made, all phrases uttered and every nuance presented. Maybe the clues do not become clear until years later as to why you were dealt such a dilemma, but one thing is for certain, life is full of lessons if you are willing to learn and learn you will with People Speak 3.

While I may not be able to completely relate personally to all of the stories within People Speak 3, there are many that caused me to reminisce on past events in my life or reexamine situations I believed to have understood only to now have a more open mind and outlook. Even if the story was not something I could pair with an experience in my life, there was always a moral to ingest.

Chaim Walder does a wonderful job of collecting so many experiences that people are willing to share with others in hopes their events in life will be a lesson for us all. I must admit, I am rather envious of Chaim Walder and his task of reading so many heart-felt correspondences. If you are looking for an entertaining and enlightening read that reminds you miracles happen and to never underestimate a coincidence, I highly suggest you read People Speak 3.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review

Almond Flour by Morning Pep

I use Almond Flour quite often in my everyday baking. Some of the items include: cookies, breads, muffins, apple cobbler, as a breading for pork chops and even in meatballs (which turn out amazing). The possibilities are endless on how to use Almond Flour, which is why I was happy to try Almond Flour by Morning Pep.


Morning Pep offers 2 sizes in their Almond Flour, 5 lb and 2 lb bags, so it very handy to find the right size. It is made from 100% ground blanched almonds, is off-white in color and has a fine, soft texture.


Almond Flour has a lot of nutritional benefits, such as a good source of protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, vitamin E and is an awesome source of fiber. It is also free of gluten, cholesterol, NON-GMO and low in sodium.


As someone who cannot eat gluten due to allergies, one aspect I especially appreciate is the steps Morning Pep take to ensure their Almond Flour remains gluten free. Not only is it processed and packaged in a gluten-free facility, they also routinely test the flour to check or cross-contamination. While using Morning Pepe’s Almond Flour, I have not noticed any issues with “gluten” exposure.


I put this Almond Flour to the test and have used it in a wide range of items (berry cobbler, bread, pumpkin muffins, meatballs, granola bars, cookies and waffles). Some recipes I have made before and others I tried out for the first time. Everything that I made while using this Almond Flour turned out great! I even found some new recipes that I love. Either way, it is extremely easy to use and scoops up well with a measuring cup or spoon.


Some of the qualities I really like:
– The consistency of the flour with its finely ground texture which is soft and does not clump.
– Love the fact that it is gluten-free and the steps Morning Pep takes to ensure no cross-contamination.
– Versatile and tastes great in recipes ranging from casseroles to meats and breads to desserts.
– The Almond Flour comes in 2 sizes so you don’t over or under order the amount needed.
– The bag has a zip-lock that seals easily and holds closed firmly which makes for easy storing.
– Nutritional benefits are wonderful and since I can put the Almond Flour in a variety of items, I know my family also benefits.
– Easy to use.
– Never gives food an overpowering almond flavor, in fact my family cannot even tell when I use it in my cooking or baking.

As far as any negative criticism, I have none. Not only have there been no issues with using the almond flour, gluten or storing, but my food tastes wonderful.

Working the Almond Flour is simple and there are so many uses and recipes online that call for Almond Flour, so I definitely plan on continuing to have fun making even more yummy items!

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences.

Smart Tea Infuser by Drinkkler

I drink just as many cups of tea made from loose tea leaves as packet tea bags. One thing that is essential with loose tea leaves, a good tea infuser which is why I tried out the Smart Tea Infuser by Drinkkler.


Smart Tea Infuser is made out of stainless steel and silicone. The infuser has small holes which work pretty well at eliminating escaped leaves, especially for medium sized and up tea leaves. Having a BPA free silicone for the lid, prevents burning yourself since it does not heat up. Another nice feature with the handle is the clip so you can easily attach the infuser to the side of your cup. It also comes with a 2-in-1 drip tray that is very handy, especially since the drip tray doubles as a mug lid to keep your tea hot.


When I use the infuser, I just remove the silicone lid, place my loose tea leaves inside of the infuser, replace the lid and submerge into my hot water in my mug. Once the infuser is in place, I clip it to the side of my mug. After my tea is the right strength, I remove the infuser and put it on the drip tray. Simple!


I have used the 2-in-1 drip tray as a lid a few times to keep my tea hot if I need to step away for a bit. It did work pretty well and keeping my tea hotter for a longer period of time than without the lid on the mug.


Cleaning was a snap. I usually just rinse it out and after every few uses, I toss all the components in the dishwasher on the top rack without any problems.

The only issues I had was some of my tea was a finer consistency in size and did float out of the tea infuser a bit. But, it was a minor amount and I am sure this would not happen with larger tea leaves. Removing the lid for the first time was pretty tight, but it was easier after the initial opening. Other than that, it worked great!

Drinkkler also emailed an awesome e-book regarding Green Tea. Very informative and helpful advice regarding green tea and all of its benefits, such as how to buy, brew, green vs black teas, caffeine content and much more.

Drinkkler also offers great customer service and stands behind their product with a lifetime money back guarantee.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review

Spiral Slicer by Kitchen Supreme

Anything that helps in the kitchen is always a plus in my book. Recently, I had a chance to try out the Spiral Slicer by Kitchen Supreme to see if I can find an easier way of preparing fresh veggies.


The Spiral Slicer came in a nice storage bag, along with a flexible cleaning brush. I was also emailed The Spiral Slicer Recipes Cookbook, 101 Power Tips for a Fitter, Healthier You and the Complete Vegan Cooking Guide. All three of the e-books were very informative and full of great sounding recipes. I learned quite a few helpful tips and advice from reading them.


The Spiral Slicer is black plastic and silver stainless steel with two Julienne size options of 2 x 3 mm and 3.5 x 5 mm. The two rows of blades are made out of stainless steel that are located inside each end of the spiral. A black safety cap is also included to help hold food as you near the end to make it easy to continue to use while protecting your fingers.


To use the Spiral Slicer, place the food item inside the appropriate end (depending on the desired Julienne size), turn the food and then spiral slices would exit from the slit. As you near the end, place the safety cap onto the food and continue to turn inside the Spiral Slicer.

Cleaning was very simple since it is dishwasher safe. I also used the small brush to remove leftover pieces and seeds prior to placing in the dishwasher. It did come out clean and looking good as new.


Overall, I felt that it worked okay. There were a few issues I had while using the Spiral Slicer on cucumbers and also carrots. For the cucumber, it seemed to mush up a bit and clump up inside the tool on both size options. I would have to stop and clean it out in order for it to keep working. The carrot was a normal sized whole carrot, but it was awkward to use in the Spiral Slicer since it did not fill up the entire chamber or most of it, and since the carrots was already peeled, I was not able to have a firm enough grip to have the carrot turn effectively in order to slice into nice spiral pieces.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences.