Garlic Press and Peeler by Alpha Grillers

I do a lot of cooking and use fresh garlic and ginger often. I hate having to use a food chopper or a knife just to cut up a clove or two of garlic or a chunk of ginger. In hopes it make my kitchen life easier, I recently tried the Garlic Press and Peeler by Alpha Grillers.


The Garlic Press and Peeler arrived in a very nice and sturdy cardboard box that also works well for storing both products when not in use. Alpha Grillers also emailed me simple to understand instructions and a yummy sounding 50 recipe ebook that gives a variety of ideas for meals, soups, sauces, etc. using garlic.


My first impression was that the stainless steel press and peeler are both well made, sturdy and durable. The press feels comfortable in my grip and is not too heavy to hold or use. The peeler is a nice length and thickness of silicone material so the clove will stay in while using the tube and not pop out the end before peeled.


The peeler is simple to use, just place an unpeeled garlic clove into the tube and then roll the tube back and forth while applying pressure. The clove peel should them flake off leaving a ready-to-go clove. If not, apply a little more pressure while rolling the peeler. For me, it worked as promised and I did not have to apply very much pressure in order for the peels to come off. I only had to roll it back and forth about 5 times for the clove to be done.


Using the press is also straightforward to operate. You can place either a peeled (which is what I do) or an unpeeled clove into the press, close it and squeeze the handle. Garlic should then come out of the bottom holes. I did not have to squeeze very hard in order for it to work which I really liked. I would then take a knife or wood skewer to easily scrape off the pressed garlic and use. The press also worked great when I tried it on a small chunk of ginger using the same process.

Cleaning the press and peeler were both very easy. Since I peeled the cloves first, the residue left was minimal and rinsed out easily. I also ran it through the dishwasher to see how the press would do and it came out sparkling clean, good as new and no leftover garlic scent or remnants. For the peeler, I just tapped the peeler to remove leftover garlic skin and then rinsed it out in warm water. Even after rinsing, it still worked fine the next time.

Alpha Grillers also has great friendly customer service and offers a Lifetime Guarantee and will refund 100% if unhappy at any time with their product.

Bottom line- I am very happy with the Garlic Press and Peeler set and look forward to using it often.

Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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