Mr. Sandman: A Novel by Lyle Howard

Mr. Sandman: A Novel by Lyle Howard involves a man named Lance Cutter’s thrilling and mysterious tale that envelops his entire life, starting all the way back to his birth. Not a normal birth mind you, then again, Lance is not a normal man, so it seems fitting.

The ebook begins as one tale, then quickly fans out to include numerous lives and interconnections which all come together in the end. The plot originates prior to Lance entering this world. It then takes on many side stories and you stop to wonder what the connection will be eventually. A playing accordion if you will, expanding and contracting. But the reader is always let in on the secrets as they unfold and everything becomes clear.

When hiding is longer an option and the facts end up being just a stone’s throw away for Lance, he is determined to cast the first rock towards his freedom on many levels; mentally, physically, privately and normalcy. Police, firemen, government secret agents, animal control, pets, Coast Guard, DNA and Doctors all play a role in Mr. Sandman as Lance struggles to not only stay alive, but to protect Julie and above all, find out the truth that has haunted him for almost 30 years.

I really enjoyed Mr. Sandman by Lyle Howard. The ebook was very exciting, full of twists-and-turns throughout the entire story. There are very few novels that keep me in suspense and unsure of what the next page holds, but Mr. Sandman definitely ranks among the others on a short list. I was continually surprised by events, the “who done its” and how will this play out. Mr. Sandman is a long ebook, but I read it in record time because I was driven to reveal the truths, just as much as Lance. From beginning to end, Mr. Sandman: A Novel is well worth the read.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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