Golden Retriever Blueprint with Personalized Name by Dog Blueprints

I have a Golden Retriever who is almost 11 and, sadly, her health is definitely catching up to her age. As much as I wish for her to remain with us forever, I know that is not possible. Having the Golden Retriever Blueprint with Personalized Name is an awesome way for us to always have a keepsake and memory of our sweet girl after she is gone. While she is still with us though, the poster is fun to read and totally describes your typical Golden Retriever.


Soft ears, loving eyes and happy tongue are just some of the features pointed out on the blueprint that help to describe our Maddy. It is also fun to see quick facts regarding origin, average height and weight, colors and I really love that her name is on it. My whole family loves the poster and so happy we have one for our gentle girl.


The quality of paper used for the poster is nice and strong. The blueprint color is a pretty blue and also very easy to read with the big white lettering. The poster came in a very secure cardboard tube and that also works as a great storage container if you need to keep it protected. We are hoping to get ours framed as I plan to hang it up, especially for the day our Maddy is no longer with us, as a memorial. The poster is 18” x24” so framing should not be difficult, but they can also trim it to fit a 16” x 20” frame so you have size options which is nice.


I am extremely happy with the Golden Retriever Blueprint with Personalized Name by Dog Blueprints. Blueprints can put a name up to 12 characters on the poster to make it special for your girl or boy Golden.

Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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