FrescoVino Wine Chilling Rod by Destined Creations

I love wine. All kinds of white wines. I am not picky on the style, but one thing is for certain, I like my white wine chilled. For this reason, I was really excited to try out the FrescoVino Wine Chilling Rod by Destined Creations which comes with a chilling rod, aerator and stopper in a sturdy cardboard storage box.


It is easy to use (be careful to use the standard size of wine bottle openings, will not work in bottles of unique sizes) by placing the rod in the freezer for at least 2 hours without the aerator/pourer attached (rod can just be left in freezer whenever not in use), chill your bottle of wine, then attach the aerator/pourer to the rod, pour out 1 glass of wine from the bottle to allow room for the rod and then insert into the wine bottle to keep the rest cold. If you have any leftover wine, then just place the wine stopper into the aerator in the bottle to save for later.


Cleaning is easy, I just rinse the rod off with warm water and put it back into the freezer for next time. I also rinse out the aerator/pourer and stopper, place in the nice sturdy box the items arrived in for easy storage.


While using this product, I did have some leaking the first time, but that was due to a different size of wine bottle so the seal was not correct. When I tried it a second time on a standard wine bottle, no issues at all; no leaks, wine poured easily and the rod kept the wine cold for quite a while. The stopper also fit well into the aerator for saving the wine for later.

The only drawbacks I have noticed, keeping an eye on the style of wine bottle and also, once the wine gets low within the bottle, the rod does not reach that far and it would be nice if the rod was just a touch longer. Otherwise, I definitely will continue to use my FrescoVino Wine Chilling Rod set.

Check it out:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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