People Speak 4: Real Life Stories by Chaim Walder

I am a true believer that things happen for a reason. Coincidences are possible, but there is typically a story behind it whether big or small. Most people, in my opinion, have experienced at least one time in their life, a moment where a situation or a person presents itself/their self and your first thought is, “Wow, I really needed that.” It is such a great feeling and a complete “pick-me-up,” even for just a fraction of time.

Why did I ramble on about this? Because one of those moments happened for me when I read People Speak 4 by Chaim Walder. Does it all seem a little much on my part regarding a collection of true stories by everyday people? Perhaps, for some. But, at the end of the day, what matters is that the stories meant something to me at a time when I needed to take in such inspirational and heartfelt lessons brought forward by people like us all; citizens of this world who want to do good and try to remember to find the positive even in our most darkest of days. No matter their nationality, religion or location. Just a continual thread amongst the human race, good leads to the possibilities of learning and happiness, even after traveling down a painful path.

But, enough about my insight, back to the ebook People Speak 4 in which Chaim Walder, a Rabbi, collects stories submitted by people who feel their experiences are a tool for mankind and show that we all have hills to climb, rivers to cross and obstacles to overcome. Numerous people are driven to supply Rabbi Chaim Walder with the retellings of their stories, so much so, that People Speak 4 is one in a series of ebooks that has graciously allowed us all the opportunity to experience a multitude of recalls, sometimes passed down from generations past.

There are 26 varying short stories contained in People Speak 4 that pay homage to those who were kind enough to share their experiences of pain, humility, education and humor, not only in an intriguing manner, but also in a very humbling tone in some cases. From parenting to expressing concern for friends, helping strangers to realizing the impossible is sometimes possible, many aspects are covered. While People Speak 4 is a quick and easy read, the deeper meaning hidden in each gem is not lost as you jump from one story to the next.

The stories have been translated into many languages, including English. Because the book contains words or phrasing that may not be well understood in English, there is a glossary located in the back to explain some of the Hebrew, Yiddish and Aramaic terminology within the stories. Even with flipping to the glossary while reading about someone’s real life experience, the reader does not lose any timing or meaning. In fact, for myself, I looked at it as a chance to further the wisdom that I took from this literature.

It is hard for me to recall just one story as a favorite since each chapter holds its own unique glow that Rabbi Chaim Walder reveals precisely and allows for the storyteller to have their personality shine through to the reader. You feel as if, by the end of each narration, a sense of understanding of the composer. I often found myself wondering what I would have done in that situation. Whether it would entail the same outcome or not, I would hope that it would be to the best of my ability.

I will say, what might be the lesson I take away, would not necessarily clone for the next reader. Therefore, I will keep my interpretations to myself, allow everyone their own personal journey and just say I am very grateful I had the opportunity to read People Speak 4: Real Life Stories.

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I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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