SmartTech Gloves by iGotTech

I like to be outside. I also like to be able to access my phone or touch screen laptop. The issue is I hate being cold and it is a big annoyance to constantly be pulling off my gloves in order to use a touch screen product, get a quick pic or miss a call because it took time to get regular gloves off in order to answer. I was so excited to try out SmartTech Gloves by iGotTech.


The gloves really do work! While wearing them, not only can I use my smart phone as usual and also my laptop. I have used them in a variety of situations; outdoor sporting events (work great to get pictures and not miss the action from having to take normal gloves on and off), walking outside, at the ocean or waiting outside for my kids. All situations worked out great with these gloves and I have not noticed any situation where the gloves did not perform correctly.


The gloves are black with gray tips on the thumbs, index and middle fingers. They are formfitting and very comfortable to wear, especially with the soft inside lining. I am able to freely move my hands and bend my fingers without the gloves feeling cumbersome or bulky. SmartTech Gloves are one size fits all and stretchable. I consider my hands thin with long fingers and the gloves fit me very well. I cannot speak for how well they fit large hands.


As far as any issues, there are 2 minor things I have noticed. First, the glove fabric seems to ball up a bit on the palm after continual use over time. Then again, I tend to rub my hands together a lot due to being cold, so that probably plays a factor. But, this does lead into the second item, again it is probably just me, but it would be nice if the gloves were a little bit warmer. Don’t get me wrong, they definitely help to keep my hands warm and I understand that they do need to be maneuverable in order to work, but if at all possible, a tad warmer would be awesome! Even though I mentioned the above minor critiques, I am still very happy with the gloves and the SmartTech Gloves have been awesome to use and will continue to this Winter for sure!

Check it out on Amazon:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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