Hango Lunch Bags by Attican

The pink Hango Lunch Bags by Attican come in a set of 2 bags, one small measuring 5L x 5H x 7.5W inches and one large bag at 6L x 6H x 10W. The lunch bags are made out of polyester, have a zipper to fully zip close each bag and each lined with thermal insulation.


I have used large the Hango Lunch Bag to pack and carry food and beverages which went fine. The small Hango bag, I have used it as a toiletry bag and that has worked well also.


There are qualities that I really like about the bag set such as they are very nice looking with the pink color with the brown handles. It is nice that there are 2 different sizes and I can vary which one I use depending on what items I am packing inside the bags. The bags wipe out easily on the side with the thermal insulation lining. I also liked that the 2 bags come in a handy white cotton gift bag that is also useful for storing the lunch bags while not using them.


Some issues that I noticed are the zippers sometimes catch a bit and not as smooth as possible while using, but I am able to still zip the bags open and close. The only other situation is that I noticed the bags have a plastic odor to them. I thought it would go away after time and it did dissipate a bit, but it is still noticeable. Other than that, they have been nice to use.

Attican offers great customer service and has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the life of the product and will fully refund if you are not happy with the Hango Lunch Bag set.

Check it out on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1AFM1C3 and Attican site: http://attican.com/

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences.


2 thoughts on “Hango Lunch Bags by Attican

  1. Jane says:

    I received an email from you through Amazon Marketplace, but wasn’t sure if it was from you to see if I had received my lunch bags. Yes, I did receive them and am very satisfied. Good quality.

    Thank you.


    • jules7611 says:

      Hi Jane! It was not me as I only did a review on the product (I am not affiliated with Amazon or Hango), but I am really happy that you like the lunch bags! 🙂 Take care.


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