Reach It Grab It by Calibre Products

Even though my balance is not so great, being unable to get items that are placed too high is not an option. The capability to still be self-sufficient is very important to me.

With the Reach It Grab It by Calibre Products, not only can I grab objects out of my reach that are up on shelves or cabinets, but I can also pick up items that are down low or on the floor without having to kneel completely down. These dual functions have been really nice to try out this past month and definitely have reduced the risk of falling or dropping items.


I have used the Reach It Grab It for numerous tasks inside and outside the house; such as, getting items off of top shelves in the kitchen and also replacing them when done, retrieving objects higher up in my greenhouse, taking baskets off of upper cabinets and putting them back, picking up dropped items under tables and reaching under the couch to snag dog toys (which is an endless battle). No matter what I have used it for, I had no issues or problems. It always worked out great for me.


Reach It Grab It is lightweight, made out of aluminum, easy to use, comfortable handle and trigger, grasper end swivels to work from different angles and the grip has been strong while the soft silicone jaw have not slipped at all for me. I really like the fact that I can change the position angle of the jaws by 90 degrees in a very simple pull and twist manner. It is nice to know that is an option rather than turning my hand in some awkward way in order to grab certain objects.

Overall, I am really happy with the Reach It Grab It by Calibre Products and plan on continuing to use it.

Check it out:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experience. #review


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