Argan Oil by Pure Body Naturals

Argan Oil by Pure Body Naturals is a great product that contains 100% pure certified organic virgin cold-pressed Argan Oil. Since I use it on my face, neck, nails and hair, I really like the fact that no fillers or additives are used.


Argan Oil is extremely easy to use. Each day, I put only 2-3 drops on my palm, rub my hands together, then I rub a bit on my face and neck, afterwards I rub some on each fingernail bed/cuticle and finally, I run my hands threw my hair for the last of it. All this with just 2-3 drops total which means the bottle lasts for a long time! Pure Body Naturals also recommends using other ways such as on your body as a moisturizer, massage oil, acne treatment, etc., but I have not applied it in such a way and cannot speak in regards of those options.


Since I started using Argan Oil, my hair has been a lot smoother and softer, easier to brush, tangles less and looks healthier. My nails look great and the skin around my nail bed is no longer dry or cracking. This time of year, my face becomes very dry with the cold weather, but I have noticed that it is much better this year than most winters.


There is a slight unpleasant scent, but I only really notice it if I smell the Argan Oil in concentrate. While I use it on my face, nails or hair, I do not notice the aroma or if I do, it is very brief. The only other issue was probably more user error than anything, but be careful to not use too much in your hair if leaving the Argan Oil in as you will get a greasy look. Either use a small amount to leave in or plan on washing out a larger amount after some time has passed.

I really enjoyed trying Argan Oil by Pure Body Naturals for a month. It has worked well and I look forward towards continued use in the future.

Check it out:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based on my personal experiences. #review


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