Silicone Grill Gloves by AYL

Nothing worse than burns while you are cooking and using inadequate or wet oven mitts which I have done many times over the years. Silicone Grill Gloves by AYL are very handy to use for baking, cooking or grilling and no more burns even if the gloves are wet.


These red gloves are made of 100% Premium grade FDA approved silicone that withstand temps ranging from very cold to very hot (up to 425 F). I have used them a variety of times while in the kitchen from retrieving hot dishes and cookie sheets from the oven to removing the bread pan from my bread machine. No issues with burning or slipping. My husband has also used them and really likes how well they work.


Aside from cooking, they are extremely useful to open jars and have worked well for me in that regard a couple of times. With both gloves on, you can grip the jar in one hand and then open it with the other gloved hand so you reduce the changes of the jar dropping while getting the stubborn lid removed.


The pair of gloves are comfortable, simple to use, easily slip on and off. I really like the fact that they are so flexible while wearing and that they fit everyone in the house comfortably.


Another plus is that these Silicone Grill Gloves are extremely easy to clean. You can either just wear them and wash your hands as normal or put them in the dishwasher. I have cleaned them both ways and each option works very well. The gloves have cleaned up and look like new every time.

There is one minor issue and that is you cannot hold hot items for too long before the gloves start to heat up, such as hot cookie sheets while removing the cookies to the cooling rack. Keep in mind, I have not noticed any issues while removing a hot item and putting it directly down though. Granted, it probably takes longer to heat up than a cloth mitt, but it would be nice if I did not have to adjust my grip or put the sheet down occasionally while using for extended times.

AYL also offers a Premium Lifetime Warranty which is a great plus.

Check it out:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences. #review


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