Outskirts of Vision: A Graphic Novel (Post-Apocalyptic Fiction Book 1) by Nir Levie

Outskirts of a Vision: A Graphic Novel by Nir Levie is a story unlike any I have ever read. Not only is it a graphic novel, but the storyline, art work and creativity involved definitely makes a person think and wonder “what if…..”

Nir Levie does a great job with pulling the reader in right from page one as you wonder what the story is really about and how did the character, Ben, get where is was; physically, mentally and emotionally.

The plot thickens as we follow Ben on his reluctant psychological adventure between two worlds and his dealings with the only other person who can help him, a rebellious anarchist. As much as they do not like each other, they soon realize that their survival depends on their strained relationship while they attempt to solve the mystery behind the city and its continuous changes. Questions loom over them both while they try to find the answers for “Why” and “Who is really in charge?”

Now, I will admit, this ebook is not for everyone. The plot is heavy and forces a very dramatic outlook of life and society onto the reader as they absorb the words combined with viewing the artwork that has a dark and edgy style. If you are looking for a light and fluffy tale about puppies then Outskirts of a Vision is not a tale for you. But, if you like powerful, different, dark and pondering, this may be a download for you.

Unfortunately, there is one issue I had with the ebook, the font was difficult to read on some pages even with scrolling through the boxes. This saddened me because I did find the story very entertaining, thought provoking and unique, but I had to skip some pages here and there simply because I could not read the written text. Luckily, the drawings are very well done and this helped me to understand the plot and what was taking place so I was still able to follow the story along.

Check it out: http://www.amazon.com/Outskirts-Vision-Nir-Levieebook/dp/B00O7IV370/?tag=ebookpro0e-20

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experiences.


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