Gurin Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale

If you have recipes from grandmothers, such as I do, then you need a scale in order to make the recipes. A lot of the family favorites that have been passed down from generation to generation, the ingredients are written in weight and not in cups or “spoons.” For me, having a scale allows us to still enjoy these recipes without the stress of trying to convert them or possibly mess them up due to miscalculations.


Gurin Touch Professional Digital Kitchen Scale is a sleek designed scale that is simple to use. I have used the scale while doing Holiday baking and have measured such baking items as flaked coconut, chopped nuts, sugar, etc. I have also placed items on the scale that I wanted to know the amount for cooking and/or watching calories, such as mini peppers, cereal, etc.


There are some nice features, such as:
– The scale is simple to use
– It has an appealing appearance with the black tempered glass surface and a blue digital screen
– The digital numbers on the screen are easy to read
– The scale is also thin and a very nice size so it takes minimal space for storage
– You can use a bowl on the scale and push the Tare button so the scale will zero out and allow for the weight of the bowl
– The scale is able to measure in units of either lb:oz, g, fl.oz. or ml


While there are many likable qualities, there were some issues:
– When the scale arrived, the batteries were dead and I had to purchase new batteries before I could even use it
– The batteries required for this scale are lithium and are definitely not cheap
– Removing the batteries from the scale is difficult to do
– Some of the numbers do not fully show up on the screen, even after battery replacement

Overall, the scale is nice looking and easy to use. I do wish the battery situation was different though, to be honest. If you do not mind lithium batteries, then this may be a scale for you.


Check it out:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based upon my personal experience.


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