Kick Mats by Dot&Dot

These Kick Mats by Dot&Dot are awesome! They fit the back of the front seats for my Toyota Minivan with no problems at all. While sitting in the front seats, you do not even notice they are there.
These would be great when you have young kids in your vehicle. Even though I have 3 teenagers, they are still awesome to have in my car, especially on long rides when they try and put their feet up or when we have been out on trails and everyone is muddy and wet. That way, whatever they lay at their feet that is muddy/wet/etc., does not ruin the back of my seats. I also have 4 large dogs and these really help to protect my seats from mud/dirt/dog hair while they are in the car.
The fabric looks very nice with the black color and white logo. The fabric is also very easy to clean and/or wipe off since it is water-resistant and non-absorbent which is great with kids and dogs.
Installing the Kick Mats is very simple, just adjust the straps, clip the two fasteners (one around the bottom of the head rest and the other around the bottom back of the seat) and that is it! Even if you want to move them to different seats or another car, it just takes a second to unbuckle and switch. I really like this option since my van has 3 rows of bucket seating.
I definitely recommend these Kick Mats and I am very happy with them.

Check them out:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based on my personal experiences.


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