Triumph Dining Cards-European Edition

For anyone with celiac disease, gluten allergies or gluten intolerance, eating in restaurants usually turns into a nightmare and a nightmare that continues long after leaving the restaurant if something goes wrong. It is hard enough to eat in a restaurant where there is not a communication issue due to language barriers, it can be almost impossible trying to dine on international cuisine. Triumph makes great cards and guides that help celiac, gluten allergy, gluten intolerance sufferers.


I recently tried the Triumph Dining Cards-European Edition which contains 5 cards (Greek, Italian, French, Vietnamese and American). They work great! Each white and orange card is laminated, not too large or folds up to a nice compact size for easy carrying and storing. They are well written and very simple to read and comprehend.


If you like to visit restaurants that serve Greek, Italian, French, Vietnamese or even American, there is a card that can be shown in the appropriate language which explains what you can and cannot eat, cross-contamination pointers and general information. The American card has a Spanish translation which works great for Mexican food. The cards are worded politely, yet also stress the importance that the provided information needs to be followed correctly or else you can/will become ill. One side of the laminated card is in English, while the other side is written in another language.


The Triumph Dining Cards-European Addition really help to take away the guess work and worry while dining out and trying to avoid certain food items. I know my meal is never enjoyable if I have doubts whether they understood what I asked and there may be a wrong item I am eating. Now, I can relax and not stress. They also help to realize a place you should maybe avoid. If you show the card and they read it, they can tell you before you even order if they can accommodate your needs.

Bottom Line- For anyone who has issues with celiac, gluten allergies or intolerance and like to eat Greek, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Mexican or even American cuisine, I recommend giving Triumph Dining Cards a try!

Check out Triumph Dining Cards and their other products at:

I received this product in exchange for my honest opinion based on my personal experience.


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