My Take On DIY Projects

Just have to update about my DIY project this week. Not only did I make raspberry jam for the first time, but I did it……….in my bread maker. Yes, you read that right, my bread maker. Now, THAT ….is pretty awesome! For now, going to enjoy the fruits of my labor while I can, because I am sure there will be some explaining to do to my Queen of Jam Making expert Grandmother one day. Me and all my new fandangle gadgets vs the good ole’ fashion way involving blood, sweat and tears. The woman even grew her own raspberries that were used in the jam, seriously. Now, mine is good, but it will never compete with her delicious jam of perfection. The main reason, there is a missing ingredient that I can never replicate which is 1 part love of a Grandmother.

Did You Hear What Jules Said

I am the first to admit, I was not a DIYselfer. Heck, I didn’t even know what the letters stood for, I swear! But, since I am no longer working due to my CBGD illness and I have always considered myself a ‘independent workaholic,’ I refocused my energies on how to save money for me and my family. I figured it was a twofer, saving money and also keeping me moving at my own pace while using my brain cells for more than just remembering my meds. You know what they say, use it or lose it.

First Step~ I googled the heck out of the subject “what is cheaper to make than buy.’ It got to the point I think Google even irritatedly groaned out of boredom whenever I logged into my laptop. What I found though was an untapped source of mass knowledge (ok, obviously many other people knew about this…

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