Leprechaun, Invisible Money Tree or the Cash Fairy

Not sure which one my Twins are hiding in their room, but it has to be one of them. They literally find cash in their room, just laying around under the beds, in pockets, pajama drawers, etc. It doesn’t matter. They are never actually looking for it, money just appears. Nice, huh?

Not too long ago, I forced them to do a deep clean of their room. Within a couple of hours, they found a total of close to $100.00 by the time they were done. Honest. It was a combination of coins and bills, scattered about their room in miscellaneous places. I quickly realized after they started doing the happy dance and talking about how they were going to spend their newfound fortune, I should have cleaned their room. It would have been the quickest and easiest $100.00 I would have ever made.

Just now, one of my girls was looking through an old backpack she found in her closet and pulled her hand out of a side pocket and exclaimed, “Oh look! $40.00!” WTF?!?! Are you kidding me?!?! I ask, “When is that backpack from?” Her response, “I think 6th grade. I dunno can’t remember.” She is currently in 8th grade.

I swear, if they were not so young and naively innocent regarding life, I would wonder if/what their side job might be. Maybe they just enter their room and ask for money and the Cash Fairy leaves it like Easter Eggs here and there, ya know, to at least make them work for it. Perhaps their furniture was made out of a fallen money tree. I would be freaked out though if some small man in pointy shoes was actually hiding in their room; money or not. So, we will pretend that is not an option. One last possibility is that they are just slobs who both suffer tragically from STS (shiny thing syndrome). My hunch is lazy STS sufferers. Who knows? Either way, I know what room I am going to be talking to myself in tomorrow.


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