Escape From Killarney

I recently had the pleasure of reading Escape From Killarney, by Angela Graham. Even though it is geared towards the older child/younger teen, I really enjoyed this great adventure story told via the heroic family dog, Toby, which provides a fun twist and perspective into the mind of the faithful companion and protector.

Escape From Killarney recaps the mishaps, dangers and mysteries involved during a family camping trip into the Northern Ontario wilderness. The main characters include the mom, Abby, step-dad, Derek, their two children, Graham and Evelyn and of course, Toby. I do not want to give any hidden secrets and/or surprises away, but I will say that poor Toby definitely has his work cut out for him!


Not only was the story line easy to follow, fun to read and peaked my curiosity as to how everything will turn out, I was also very impressed with Angela Graham’s writing style. Through her story telling, Angela instantly draws you in and the reader quickly finds themselves truly believing they are getting a glimpse as to what Toby is probably thinking. Perhaps it is partly due to the fact I have four dogs and I am also a parent, but most of the credit belongs to Ms. Graham and the way she describes each scene and the outdoor surroundings.

I would not hesitate to recommend Escape From Killarney as it is a fun, quick and intriguing read, especially for the older child or young teen. The book would also, in my opinion, make a good and suspenseful bedtime story that parents could read a few pages each night to their child(ren), perhaps above the age of 8 or also a great book for classrooms.

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Jiva Organics USDA Organic Whole Cumin Seeds

I love adding spices to my recipes and I truly think the quality of the product can either make or break the flavor. After trying Jiva Organics USDA Organic Whole Cumin Seeds, my opinion is that their product is awesome and really enhanced the flavors in each recipe!

Not only did the Jiva Organics USDA Organic Whole Cumin Seeds arrive quickly, I was impressed regarding the bag which was very sturdy, resealable and completely filled to the top. Once I opened the package, the aroma was nice and the whole cumin seeds looked fresh and not crushed at all. Even after opening the bag numerous times, it still seals up without any issues or spills.


Some other great important points regarding Jiva Organics USDA Organic Whole Cumin Seeds is that they are all natural, no Artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives, contains no salt, MSG, GMO, Ethylene Oxide (ETO) treatment and NON-Irradiated.

I have used the organic cumin in a variety of recipes; including chili, bread, salmon and for a roast. All of the dishes turned out great and had a wonderful taste. On a couple of occasions, I also ground the whole cumin for the dishes and that worked out wonderfully.


A couple of other nice qualities regarding Jiva Organics is their friendly customer service which is quick to respond to any questions and Jiva Organics also offers a full line of delicious organic spices.

Bottom line- If you are looking for an awesome line of organic spices, try Jiva Organics, especially their Organic Whole Cumin Seeds.

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Calling all donations!! Please Help!


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Brain Fitness Shell Game by ThinkFun

Who knew thinking could be so fun?! After playing the Shell Game for a couple of weeks, I have to admit, it is very fun and addictive. Not only have I played it often, but my kids also enjoy playing this game that definitely tests your brain and thinking ability while you try and solve each level that progresses in complexity.

The Shell Game is a unique concept that is well made, came packed in a very sturdy box and looks like it is produced to last a long time. One of nice quality is the fact that the solutions for each level are also included in the pamphlet, so you can check and make sure you completed the level correctly. No cheating though!

The game consists of hard plastic pieces involving 6 shells that are designed to cover 6 colored hermit crabs, 3 gray stones and a flip book for the 60 different challenges. Each page shows you how to set up that particular game which is simple to do. Then, the real challenge begins as you now have to complete that test before you move onto the next level. The object of each page requires that you move your shells in a precise manner while trying to remember the correct color/location of your hermit crab and/or rocks as you get them into the proper circles to match up the correct crabs and rocks as depicted in the key on the bottom of the page. Sound easy? Well, maybe the first few pages. The difficulty ranges from beginner to expert.


After playing about the first 6 levels and feeling as if I had mastered them, I jumped up to level 27 out of curiosity just to see if I could complete it or not. Let’s just say I quickly went back to level 7, lol. ThinkFun does recommend progressing through each challenge and not jumping around. Can’t say I was not warned!

ThinkFun recommends 15 minutes a day playing the Shell Game to help improve your focus and memory as you progress to harder levels which I found very easy to do. Even though it is designed for only one player at a time, we did have fun challenging each other in seeing how fast we could solve levels compared to other family members.

I recommend the Shell Game. It is fun, quick and really does make you think and concentrate while problem solving. Check them out on Amazon: #review

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If Mistakes Could Fly, You’d Be A Superhero

If Mistakes Could Fly, You’d Be A Superhero by Kenyon Ledford is a quick and fun read full of whacky adventures involving Sergeant Joe Bidwell, Batman and Robin, Money Man and P.I. Jonny Gonzo. The ebook reminded me of a Dick Tracy, old-time good versus evil type of stories, which is a nice change of pace in this day and age.

The book is comprised of numerous short stories of various lengths involving heroes not acting very heroic. My favorite is one that involves a couple of the main characters who get into a tangle with Batman and Robin. Kenyon definitely shows Batman and Robin in a new light that is comical and edgy.

Not only was it a fast read, but it is one of those books that you do not have to think hard about and it is an entertaining way to tune out for the day while getting some laughs. A few times, I even thought to myself, “did he really just say that?” Those moments were even as comical as the storyline itself.

I will admit, the stories may not be for everyone. But if you have a quirky sense of humor, like short stories adventures that are unique and want to read a book unlike any others that I have ever read, then If Mistakes Could Fly, You’d Be a Superhero is for you! Personally, I do like strange and off-beat so I really enjoyed reading about the adventures, or should I say misadventures that the characters take part in and found it very entertaining. #review

Check it out on Amazon:

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Best For My Pets Bully Sticks- Paws up!

I have 4 large breed dogs. We love our dogs and they are definitely members of our family. Admittedly, our dogs are very spoiled. I like to get them treats, but I try to get fun things that they not only enjoy, but also good for them.

In the past, I have bought them bully sticks that would be so smelly and become incredibly gummy, that I had to throw them away and vowed never again. Recently, I had them all try these bully sticks by Best For My Pets. I really like the fact that the bully stick are chemical free and full of protein. It also really helps their teeth. While there was an occasional very slight odor when the dogs were chewing on them, it was nothing compared to previous bully sticks. It was very minor, infrequent and tolerable. The company will also replace the bag if there are any odor issues. Regardless, my dogs LOVED them. Whenever I grabbed the bag, they would all come running and wait their turns to get a bully stick and then take the sticks back to their beds and chew on them for quite awhile. The bully sticks lasted a long time for each dog and kept them busy for well over an hour. I would even give a bully stick to a dog in the car if I had to take one for a drive which made the ride a breeze for them!

Some other great points, their bully sticks are all natural and made of 100% pure beef. They are also grain, gluten, chemical, additives and preservatives free which is great!
Best For My Pets also offers a Money back guarantee, so if you are looking for a bully stick for your dog to try, I would recommend giving these a try. Best For My Pets also offers friendly and helpful customer service if you ever have a question. Check them out at:,,
and also on Amazon:

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Get Your Daily Green Tea Intake With Organic Matcha- Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me Organics

I am the first to admit, I am a green tea addict. I drink a mug of green tea every day, sometimes even more than one. Anyone who knows me, is well aware that I absolutely LOVE green tea! But I will also admit, I had never tried matcha green tea, before now. At first, I was not sure if a fine green tea powder would really satisfy my green tea cravings. I was skeptical and also not sure if my routine really needed to change, but I was willing to give it a chance. Pleasantly, I thoroughly enjoyed trying out different recipes and uses for organic matcha. Quickly, I realized that Organic Matcha- Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me Organics is a great way to get your daily intake of organic green tea and you do not have to just drink it.

Kiss Me Organics emailed me an awesome recipe book full of numerous ways to try their Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder and insightful information regarding green tea and matcha green tea. I never realized how versatile green tea could be, especially matcha green tea. Not only did the recipe ebook discuss how matcha green tea increases fat burning and that it is a great energy booster (yet containing less caffeine than coffee), the information also talked about how matcha green tea contains more of the powerful antioxidant epigallocatechin gallate (which has been proven effective in fighting certain diseases and illnesses) than other types of green teas.

With over 50 recipes and ideas, I picked out a handful to try. My favorites included: KissMe Matcha Green Tea Latte, Matcha Orange Cocktail, Berry Good Morning Smoothie, Matcha-Mole, Whipped Matcha Honey Butter and my absolute favorite- Matcha Herb Baked Salmon! For a few of the recipes, I followed the recipe verbatim, but then I felt confident to vary the recipes occasionally and enjoyed those also. This made me realize that matcha green tea truly is very versatile and not as intimidating as I thought it might be in the beginning.

Many days, I also made a simple cup of organic green tea using the Organic Matcha- Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me Organics, which was also yummy. But, aside from the recipe ebook, a couple of other things I did with the matcha green tea powder was make a loaf of bread in my bread machine and my daughters and I had fun one evening making matcha face masks for facials. Our skin looked great afterwards and felt so smooth and soft! In fact, they have asked me if we can do matcha face masks again.

As I said, I am big fan of green tea and really appreciate of all its health benefits as an added bonus. For someone who is not used to green tea, matcha green tea could seem a little overpowering at first with the strong green tea smell and also the potent taste. For me, I did not mind it. But, even though it may not be for everyone, I do think it is definitely worth a try. It is really easy to work around both the aroma and powerful taste if you are new to it. You can simply use smaller amounts initially and Kiss Me Organics also suggests starting out with having a few cups of tea made with their Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder in order to get an idea of the flavor. This will also help you decide how you would like to proceed next with trying out recipes.

Bottom line-I recommend Organic Matcha- Green Tea Powder by Kiss Me Organics. It is not only good for you, but also versatile and makes getting your daily intake of green tea fun! 

Check them out on Amazon:

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