If a Puppy Loses Some Baby Teeth, You Find Them and She Knows It……

Does that mean the Canine Tooth Fairy visits? I wonder if they have the same Tooth Fairy as humans. I would like to think they have their own, some sort of pint sized adorable St. Bernard that clumsily flutters from house-to-house and puts all the teeth in his barrel dangling from his collar or perhaps a speedy mini Chihuahua with wings. Ok, that image will actually give me nightmares. Pooh Bear would be really cool, but that would just be silly. Everyone knows bears can’t fly.

I wonder what the proper gift would be for puppy teeth. A dog treat per tooth, perhaps? Soft ones obviously. But then again, nowadays, with inflation, bigger expectations and assumptions of I deserve more that everyone else, maybe a brand new big fuzzy toy that squeaks is appropriate? Oh where is Miss Manners when you need her?!

This morning was a first though, not only did my pretty Petra spit a tooth out right in front of me as if to say “gimme something for this….now,” but when I checked her mouth she also had another one dangling, begging to be pulled. Have you ever stuck your big homo sapien hand into a puppy’s petite mouth, way in the back, grab a swinging bloody tooth that was dancing around and rip it out? Did I forget to mention she is only 5 months old and the entire process was along the lines of attempting to play the game Operation alone while jumping on a trampoline at nighttime after only sleeping 4 hours? Actually, it was not that easy, but I had success! Petra is now officially 2 premolar teeth lighter. After the ordeal officially ended and she posed for a mini photo op (she would have taken a selfie if possible, pretty sure), Petra quickly went to take a nap. I think she must have heard about the Tooth Fairy. I am positive she is fake sleeping though as I see an eyeball sliver staring at me every few minutes and then quickly closing once she realizes her cover is blown.

20140918_061251 20140918_062326 20140918_073106



One thought on “If a Puppy Loses Some Baby Teeth, You Find Them and She Knows It……

  1. Gorgeous puppy! I hope the puppy tooth fairy was good to him.


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