There once was a person………

In memory of my husband Jim who passed from this disease 12/12/13. Miss him every day!

In loving memory of my Mother.

My Mom had this horrific disease. She passed in January of this year.

I lost my dad to this horrific disease.

My husband passed away from this illness after a 6 year battle with the disease.

My mom was diagnosed with CBGD in September 2013. This is a horrific disease and needs more awareness, research and knowledge.

My 71 year old mom is suffering with CBD. It has taken away so much from the mom I once knew. I miss the old her terribly. Very few people have ever heard of this rare disease, and I would love more public awareness.

My significant other was diagnosed with CBD in 2012 after several years of misdiagnosis. We’ve been together 6-1/2 years and I’ve watched him deteriorate from a strong athletic man to someone who requires assistance in all physical aspects.

Determined to raise awareness and research funding. My father has CBD.

We believe that CBGD is a debilitating illness for both patients and family. Guy was diagnosed in 2012.

My mom has CBGD and we need a treatment/cure!

**The above are all real excerpts from the fundraiser page and I know of many more losses and suffering from support pages. This is real. This is the path that my family and I are heading down. Please help find a way to change my future and so the people who wrote those heartfelt lines can possibly get their suffering loved one cured or the ones who have already lost someone, a sense of comfort knowing others will not have to endure their hardship.

65 shirts sold and $1035 (combining both links) raised so far! Still 9 days to go, so PRETTY PLEASE either purchase a shirt, perhaps make an extra donation or just donate only. If all else, please just share this post.

I really am hoping to sell at least 100 shirts and also raise $2000 minimum! Even just a few dollars on the donation only page would immensely help increase awareness and get us one step closer to finding a cure for CBGD. Remember, funds raised will go directly to CurePSP.

How about a simple challenge…….I know you do not know me. Probably do not know anyone with CBGD, do you? Have you ever even heard of it before this post? If you answered ‘No’ to any of these questions, then donate at least $5.00. That’s it, just $5.00. The price of one foofy coffee. Cheaper than fast food. Less than 2 bags of chips. But can you just picture everyone giving $5.00 and what that could accomplish!? Don’t even donate for me. Donate so you can hopefully go through the rest of your life and be able to happily say that you do not know anyone with CBGD.

Go to You can access the donation only page from the link I posted. Once you go onto the site, click on the “To make a donation only” link on the right hand side of the page. The fundraiser ends September 24th.

There once was a person…….who was cured of CBGD and lived happily ever after. This is my fairytale, help me make it come true.



P.S. For those that want the sarcastic humor back, don’t worry it will be. Sometimes, a touch of serious in your face reality is necessary.


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