Have you seen this praying mantis?


His name is Kenny. Don’t be misled, he does not know his name and will not come if called. If only. He is missing from my greenhouse and let’s face it, the bugs aren’t eating themselves. Ok, maybe some are and probably some are eating each other. Regardless, that is Kenny’s job, dang it, and he is slacking! He knows better than to take a vacation without requesting it first. He could be anywhere, so watch for him. Heck, he might even still be in the greenhouse. But he has not been visualized by me or any member of my family for 3 days which is very unKennylike, hence the post. Maybe he found greener pastures or bigger bugs somewhere else. Perhaps I hurt his feelings when I accused him of being afraid of spiders. Could it be he fell prey to one of the birds? So many questions, so few answers. Ohhh Kenny, I knew thee well…..well, not really at all except you liked bugs and your eyes were green which were sorta creepy, if we are being honest. All else fails, there is at least a bad South Park joke waiting in the wings……what, too soon?

KENNY!!! You came back! He loves me! He really loves me! Who am I kidding….He’s just using me for my bugs.


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