Happy 45th Birthday to me!

Yes, 45 years old. Officially half way through my 40’s. Almost half a Century. Proud of it! Yes, I said my “number.” Why shouldn’t I? Why shouldn’t everyone be okay with saying how old they are? Really people, it’s a NUMBER! Don’t be scared! It will never define who you are, especially on the inside. It does not reveal to the world what kind of person you are or aim to be. It gives no secrets away regarding any choices you have made, currently making or will make. It cannot chastise you or make fun of you. IT IS A NUMBER, THAT’S IT! A number that you should embrace, be proud to reach and declare to the world.

You wear your age on the outside already, why not wear it like a badge of honor? Sure some people look younger than they are or try to maintain being healthy which in turn makes them look younger and that is fine. Healthy is good! Healthy makes your number grow! But, guess what?! At the end of each given day, your number still does not change (well, aside from Birthdays obviously)! Let me fill you in on something, a little gem of knowledge, your age is no secret! Instead of lying to people about your age, try telling the truth! No one believes you when you falsely reveal it (ok, maybe if you just take a year or two off, they may believe you). In the end, you just look foolish trying to trick someone instead of saying it proudly. I AM ________ YEARS OLD! The saying about how it is rude to ask someone their age? Why? Will the sky open up? Will they be struck down by lightening? Honestly, I have never understood why you cannot ask and never will.

Some of you are probably wondering if this is a new way of thinking for me due to my illness. Nope. And no, it is not because of my meds. This public service announcement is not brought to you by my melting brain. I swear I have always thought this way about age in general and anyone who knows me well can verify that fact. If anything, my illness has just given me a stronger voice to say what I think and if someone does not agree or even want to read this rambling so be it. I know what is important in my life. I just wish others would embrace their age instead of living in denial and in turn, help set the next generation up for being more comfortable with themselves and not having them feel like society has once again given everyone another reason to not be happy with who they are. Isn’t there enough of that already? The judgmental repercussions of revealing your true age is such a pointless and bizarre stigma bestowed upon us by society in all realms; workplace, amongst friends and colleagues, media, social events…..

I could go on, but I will stop. No one thinks about not being comfortable with saying how old as having such an impact on not only themselves, but also those around them. It is like an onion, your age is the core and each layer is one way that by you not being self-confident enough in saying your number, just makes your onion grow. Your self-esteem……one layer. The way your children learn how they should not be comfortable with aging……another layer. Enabling employers to judge anyone who is a certain “age”………add a third layer…….Inventing false identities in social gatherings in order to feel accepted…..throw on a fourth layer….. Peel the layers off already! Ok, like an onion, there may be some teary eyes involved initially, but it is worth it. Embrace who you are, inside and out! Life is too short to not be accepting of yourself and one another.

Say your number with pride and feel very lucky for whatever it may be and while you think of your age, reflect on the memory of all those in your life who never had a chance to ever say your number and never will. Maybe then, you will feel a little luckier to be _______years old.


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