Little Shop of Horrors

That is the song I hear playing over and over in my head whenever I go out to my greenhouse. Not because it is falling apart, but due to the fact it obviously has initiated a plan for world domination. First step the greenhouse, next step the world! Muwhaahaahaa…….


I have informed my family that if I go out to the greenhouse and never return, do not assume my illness did me in, my money would be on either the Tomato Monster or the Green Bean Mutant. Both should be interrogated and fully searched for evidence.

There is clearly a struggle for Alpha Veggie status between those two. As you can see below, the Tomato Monster even photobombed the Green Bean Mutant’s photo. Couldn’t even give GB it’s 15 minutes of fame.


More I think about it, perhaps GBM is getting a bum rap. Maybe it has been framed? Perhaps TM is deflecting its obvious control freak issues and plans for mass destruction by setting GBM up as the fall plant? My advice would be to start with Tomato Monster. Actually, it has tried to strangle me a few times already, luckily I managed to break free of its constricting serpent’s grip. Even though TM acts so innocent, sprouting pretty little yellow flowers as if trying to trick me into believing only the good produce dainty and bright buds, I don’t trust it.


Well, time to go out to the greenhouse and check in. Wish me luck! Little Shop……Little Shop of Horrors…..Little Shop……..Little Shop of Horrors……..


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