The Color Purple

I will be the first to admit, inside of my van gets messed up easily and usually needs to be vacuumed, Febreezed and is generally begging for a good clean. I am not ashamed, I am the owner of 3 big dogs and 3 teenagers. Need I say more? I try to offset any smells by hanging a Scentsy ring to fight the battle of doggie/teen stink. Today, E got into the van and had this conversation with me:

E-“Hey, what’s that smell?”
Me- “Probably wet dog.”
E- “No, it smells good.”
Me-“Oh, it’s probably the new Scentsy ring that’s hanging back there.”
E- “I like this one. It smells good. It smells like purple.”
Me-*sigh* “E, your world must be so pretty. Unicorns fly, rivers are flowing chocolate, trees are made of licorice, houses are built with gumdrops and everyone farts rainbows.”
E-“Yeah, it’s nice here.”


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