Twinsie Time

H has been really sick for the last few days. She got up this morning and asked if she could go back to school today. I took one look at her and said, “Nope, one more day at home.” She asked how I could tell just by looking at her. So, I lined up her and E in front of a mirror, pointed at E and said, “H, this is what you should look like. Now, look at yourself.” She blankly gazed at their reflections and replied, “Oh….Ew. Yeahhh, I’m gonna go lay back down now.”

Sometimes, it really pays to have identical twins, especially for those before and after moments. And yes, I have had to use the before and after more than once, especially at the doctor’s office following the infamous battle of Windowsill VS E’s Nose incident of 2004 (and yes, sadly, Nose lost. Wasn’t even close).  The doc asked me how her nose looked prior to the main event, I pulled her sister in front of him, pointed to her face and said, “Like this.” He glanced back and forth. His comment? “Yikes.” My response? “Yep.”

But there are also times that I am pretty sure they forget about sharing 99.99999999% of the same DNA. One of their classic arguments usually goes like this:

“You’re ugly.” “Oh yeah? Well, you’re adopted.”

I stare and them and say, “You know those are pointless remarks, right?” They remark, “Why?”  I just walked away.

Of course, my favorite Mom moment involving twinisms……One time, at the movies, E and H remarked, “We don’t want to share a popcorn with each other.” My response, “You shared a womb for 8 months, you can share a popcorn for 2 hours. Suck it up.” Mom of the year…..

All-in-all, they are really fantastic kids! They are amazing, funny and actually very smart. We are always laughing around here, even though it’s followed by a lot of slow head shaking, cross-eyed speechless moments. Having twins has been stressful, lots of work with not a lot of sleep (especially for the first year which I have completely mentally blocked out for my own survival) and a generous supplier of permanent stretch marks! Would I change any of it? Not a damn thing! Well, maybe one thing, there was actually 3 of them, but lost one very early in the pregnancy. Imagine if I had all 3?! Oh, the stories I could tell then!!



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